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Aug 28 2017

there’s trouble in Mudville

I inspected the orange hive yesterday morning as the bees came out, about 8:45am at 72 degrees. I got the smoker going and had a box for sorting. This hive started as a 4X2 hive. The top two honey boxes were set aside. I permanently removed the queen excluder as I won’t be extracting any […]

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Aug 03 2016

uh oh – We got mites

Today I had to wait until 9am to inspect my hive. It was still only 58 degrees and the bees were barely getting out of the hive because it was very overcast. But I wanted to get out there before it got hot. This time, I was inspecting the yellow hive with Queen Løper and […]

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Aug 02 2016

wow – 2 functioning local queens

Yesterday, Aug 1, I did a full hive inspection of the Orange and Yellow hives – the ones that had the new, locally raised queens. I went out at 8:15am when it was 61 degrees and by the time I got done at 10am, it was 79. Although it felt like 95 in the bee […]

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Oct 12 2015

trying to keep the bugs out

I haven’t tested or treated for varroa mites coming into the fall. I didn’t want to sacrifice 300 bees for an alcohol wash when I was combining the hive. Then I was out of town and it was cold or rainy. The varroa treatment I use is the Mite Away Quick Strips, known as MAQS, […]

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Apr 18 2015

Mite treatment removed

Yesterday about 2pm when it was nice and warm and sunny, I went out, suited up with my smoker, to remove the mite strips from the Blue and Orange hives. I quickly smoked the front door, then removed the top 3 boxes, removed the two mite strips from the top of the 2nd brood box […]

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Apr 11 2015


Oooh, I was just driving and something was tickling my nose so I reached up to scratch my nose – and I got a whiff of that amazing, soft smell that is bees – mild honey, sticky propolis and soft yellow wax – must have been on my fingers since I was out in the […]

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Sep 01 2014

looking for mites

So today’s inspection was all about checking for mites going into the fall. If there is a mite load of 5 or more mites per 300 bees (1/2 cup of bees), then I need to treat. It’s about a week long treatment, then you have to check again. I’ve kind of been putting off the […]

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Sep 08 2013

VSD’s are out full force

The yellow jackets have just exploded in the last two weeks. I worked at the beekeepers booth at the county fair yesterday and we kept hearing reports all day of people being stung by yellow jackets at the fair. At home, they are everywhere. You go outside, you continually swat at your face to keep […]

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Aug 31 2013

Big Lots inspection today

So today my goals were to inspect only the purple hive and: swap out cleaned boxes for gunky boxes do a mite check feed the girls HBH count honey frames And that’s just what I did. I headed out to the bee deck about 8:30am, it was 62 degrees and the deck was still in […]

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Apr 23 2013

Boy that stuff is nasty

So today I needed to treat the girls for mites while we can still get it under control. My mite count, which is sketchy because there was so much junk on those sticky boards, was about 5-10 mites on each board, over a 4 day period. But I also saw 1-2 mites on several drone […]

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