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Mar 11 2016

bee meeting, early spring management and equalizing

Today was sunny for awhile and about 50 degrees outside and the girls were very active around the front of the hive and bringing in pollen. Then rain rain rain. I was finally able to make it to a bee meeting for the first time in months because I hit a week when I wasn’t […]

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Sep 01 2015

Boo boo and weather

So just before I left town for work, I had moved an entire box of honey over to the top of the yellow hive from the absconded orange hive.  I had already put a piece of newspaper between the top box of the yellow hive and this new box of honey because I was thinking […]

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Jul 24 2015

Blue hive inspection

So today was the day to inspect the Blue Hive with Queen Siste Sjanse. I got out there right at 9am. It said it was 69 degrees, but after 30 minutes in that beesuit, it felt like 85.  HOWEVER, only doing one hive inspection is really great. I just start to really build up a sweat […]

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Jul 12 2015

Honey day – I’ll get there yet & Bee classes

HONEY EXTRACTION PLAN A: We’ll the plan was to go to the bee meeting Friday night, reassure myself that I could pull some honey off my two hives without jeopardizing them in case were in for a drought for the next 90 days, then Saturday morning about 9am pull however many boxes of honey off […]

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Jul 12 2014

Still learning about bees

I went to the bee meeting last night – it was just packed, there must have been at least 100 people there, with lots of newbie beekeepers, first year students. I still learn stuff every time. Things I learned this time: pull all your honey you’re going to pull off the hives by mid to […]

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Jul 29 2013

Notes on extracting honey

So I had someone take some video showing our process of extracting honey.  They’ll do a lot of the explaining just as they are. I store my honey frames as I pull them off the hive, in empty western boxes, then inside large black rubbermaid totes. They’re in the basement where it’s about 50 degrees […]

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Jul 27 2013

Dem bees be crazy

OK, so this has been a weird 2 days. I’ll recap what happened, with lots of pictures, my consultation with the Queen Bee and Laurie from the bee supply house and what I did about this bizarre situation. I have decided that it’s worth it to use this situation as an experiment in bee science […]

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Jun 22 2013

Big inspection – stupid orange hive

So, big inspection today. It rained for 6 days straight so I’ve been waiting to get into the orange hive and see whether their virgin/mated queen finally got stimulated to start laying because I put in a frame with fresh eggs, or if they made a queen cell because there was no queen. Also, the […]

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May 12 2013

Lessons on splitting

When it’s healthy to split For Western hives, you need to have at least 8-10 frames of bees, with at least 10 good frames of brood (uncapped and capped) to split, so you have 4 frames of brood in each box.  You have to have enough brood to keep a good hive and you have […]

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Mar 02 2013

Class lessons

On any day in the winter that it gets up to at least 40, the sun is out shining and there’s not wind (all three), the bees may break cluster and fly. If you see the hive start to fly by 10am, it’s probably a large cluster. If they don’t start flying until 2pm, it’s […]

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