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Oct 01 2017

Blue hive inspection Sept 29

So last Friday, around 10:15am I got around to inspecting the blue hive. It was sunny and about 61 degrees when I went outside and the girls were out flying about. Blue Hive – Queen Hjemmelaget I got everything ready, took 2 sorting boxes out to the hive and got the smoker going, and knocked […]

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Jul 27 2017

Note to beekeeper – keep a hose handy

So tomorrow is honey extraction day and today was prep and pull day. I have washed all the course filters, washed and sterilized countless jars and lids, washed with boiling hot water all the extraction gear (uncapping bin, stainless steel extractor, etc.), hosed out the entire beeshed (HB painted it with waterproof shiny paint so […]

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May 15 2017

Splitting, new queen and interesting data

EDUCATION So I went to the bee meeting last Friday night. They had an interesting presentation on the data you can get from a hive scale.  That’s just a big, flat, techie weigh scale. Looks like this picture. It costs a pretty penny – about $580 with shipping. Basically, you put the scale on your […]

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Apr 19 2017

Bolstering Loper

Today was the first day it hasn’t rained since my last inspection. It was sunny, a little breezy and at 1pm it was 62 degrees outside (says my new, trusty weather station). So I decided to find out how the yellow hive was doing. Are they still limping along? Nearly dead? Robust? I got all […]

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Mar 19 2017

Pop up inspection

It got up to 46 degrees and was very sunny so I went out to inspect the garden, now that every bit of snow is finally melted.  I noticed the bees out in the two hives and quite active. So I decided to do a mini-popup inspection. Just to see the top boxes and what […]

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Mar 14 2017

It’s been a loooong winter

Well, it’s been a long, long winter here, for me and the bees. We broke a couple of records this year. Longest number of days where snow was continuously on the ground (and a lot of snow it was) Longest number of days when it was continuously below 30 degrees There was a day about […]

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Jul 09 2016

The deed is done

So I talked to The Wiz at last nights bee meeting and he agreed it’s getting too late to let the girls make their own queen. He also said it’s no big deal to put the queen in her cage in the hive and leave her for a week. Because I’m not totally sure that they […]

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Jul 01 2016


So yesterday, Friday, I inspected the purple hive. At 7:45am it was 68 degrees. It was warm enough for the girls to be out, but since the hives are shaded from the very early morning sun, no sun was shining on the front doors and only a few girls were up and at ’em. I […]

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Jun 28 2016

You girls can be frustrating; orange hive inspection

Sometimes, I almost want to say that the girls can be frustrating enough that I’m ready to call it……nope, I won’t say it. OK – quits. Nope, not really. So I WAS going to quickly inspect all three hives this morning about 8am, but it was so hot, I could only get through one. At 8am […]

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Apr 10 2016

Inspection and plan for the coming week

So today at 3pm it was 73, sunny and calm. I knew it was going to be hot, but I didn’t get home from church until 1pm and then had to run to Home Depot to get the stuff to tweak the FlowHive. So I didn’t get out there till the hottest part of the […]

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