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Sep 17 2017

I’m shockified

So I got back after being gone for a week and knew I needed to look at the hives to see how they’re doing. Honestly, I figured after 3 weeks of smoke, 2 hives trying to make a queen with nothing at all showing for their work a couple of weeks ago, and the record […]

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Aug 29 2017

Blue Hive – Queen anyone?

Today at 9:15am at 75 degrees I went out to check on the blue hive. I got the smoker going, had a sorting box ready. Even though it was already warm out, there was cloud cover so the bees weren’t really flying that much and a lot of them were in the hive. Blue Hive […]

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Aug 29 2017

Yellow hive peek and orange hive treatment

So yesterday at about 9am at 74 degrees, I went out to the bee deck with my smoker, a jar with alcohol (in case I needed to inspect for mites in the yellow hive) and a package of Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) for the orange hive. I smoked the orange hive lightly. Then I […]

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Aug 05 2017

My bee suit smells like a sweaty old man

So I got a call from the Queen Bee and she talked to me about the hives. She agreed completely with everything The Wiz recommended. She said she thinks sometimes we get to impatient when something goes wrong and just run out and buy a queen to fix it all. Give the bees 2, 3, […]

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Jun 18 2017

Welcome Queen Dagmar

I went out at 10:30am, it was 68 degrees and sunny with a very light wind. I was going to see how many of the hives I could get through since we’ve had such a long cold spell. Turns out that number was – just one. I was sweating and starting to drip sweat drops […]

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May 21 2017

Boy did I blow that

So I was out of town and needed a new queen to get my little blue hive split going. I called on Saturday morning and had the bee supply place set aside a Carniolan queen in a cage with attendants and then HB went up to get her. He put her in a safe warm […]

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May 15 2017

Splitting, new queen and interesting data

EDUCATION So I went to the bee meeting last Friday night. They had an interesting presentation on the data you can get from a hive scale.  That’s just a big, flat, techie weigh scale. Looks like this picture. It costs a pretty penny – about $580 with shipping. Basically, you put the scale on your […]

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May 06 2017

Difficult Choices….

Well, today was the day. A wise man once said “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few – or the one”.  And today was Queen Løper’s day to be the hero. I went to the bee house at about 9:30am and bought a new Carniolan queen with 4 attendants. The Wiz […]

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May 02 2017

Sorry Queen Loper – you gotta go

It stopped raining today and at 11:15am it was 65 degrees on the bee deck so I went out to inspect the girls. Our yard is a dandilion paradise and in our yard and from the house I can see over 15 blooming trees just in a half a block. There are blooming trees all […]

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Aug 20 2016

Peeking and pulling honey

I decided to inspect my hives, pull what honey was actually capped and ready (70% capped) and then extract all the stored honey later this week.  If the girls won’t cap off the honey, I’ll just leave them with it all for the winter. I just can’t be extracting later into September or I risk […]

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