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Nov 23 2017

Girls out – hmmmm

So today we got what we call a chinook wind, which means in the middle of a winter spell, we get a warm wind from the south and the temp goes drastically up. Sometimes for 1 or 2 days, but often it will go up to the 60’s only during the day, and then at […]

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Mar 14 2017

It’s been a loooong winter

Well, it’s been a long, long winter here, for me and the bees. We broke a couple of records this year. Longest number of days where snow was continuously on the ground (and a lot of snow it was) Longest number of days when it was continuously below 30 degrees There was a day about […]

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Oct 31 2016

Girls are ready for winter

  A week ago on the only day we had without rain, I got the girls ready for winter. We have had rain steadily for a week, then there was a break about 9 days ago, then rain steadily.  We have already broken the record for the rainiest October ever in this area. I went […]

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Feb 15 2016

what a sweet sight!

Just yesterday, I was out in the yard with Sweet Boy. He went toddling over near the bee yard and started saying “bees bees bzzzzzzzzz”.  So I thought I’d see if I could tell if the girls had made it through the worst of the winter. I went in to the hive and tried to […]

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Jan 10 2016

Surviving winter

The girls haven’t had it easy so far this winter. In the last 8 weeks they’ve survived the worst windstorm in history to hit us (highest windspeeds, highest sustained windspeeds).  Neighbors trees came crashing down and we were without power for 9 days. I’m assuming the girls knew little about it, since they need no […]

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Nov 07 2015

Sad day – closing up shop for the winter

I’d been putting off winterizing the girls party because every day I was home it was raining and partly because once I winterize them it means that’s it, really, for inspecting them. But it’s gotten below 30 degrees 3 nights in a row and very cold during the days, or rainy.  So yesterday, I went […]

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Feb 16 2015

some death, some life

Today it got up to 52 degrees. This has been a freaky winter – a dump of snow at one point, a few weeks of bone chilling cold and then unseasonably warm and dry. It’s the middle of February, which should mean just coming off our yearly 2 week bout of sub zero arctic express […]

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Jan 18 2015

Potty break

There’s snow and ice on the ground, but it’s very sunny and bright and got up to 45 degrees just now at 2pm. Out the front windows, we saw a flurry of sparkling and flashing bees zipping out of the hive to do their potty duty. They’re not foraging or looking for food so there’s […]

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Dec 22 2014

The girls got out today

It got up to a balmy 42 degrees for a couple hours today and very sunny. The girls started coming out, one by one by one, around 1:3opm. Then it got pretty active with girls zipping straight out and straight back in. No lazy hanging around in front of the hive or anything. Just get […]

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Nov 27 2014


Yesterday I noticed that there was about 3/4 cup of dead bees on the bee patio outside the beehives. So they’re still in there doing some winter cleaning. Then today, about 11am, we got a Chinook and the temperature spiked up to 52 degrees. HB said “ohmygosh – look at the girls fly!” And were […]

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