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Oct 25 2017

Tucking the girls in for winter

Yesterday at 3:00pm it was sunny and 60 degrees and calm and the girls were out in force flying about. So I decided to go ahead and winterize them since it will be one of the rare warmer days we have. The blue hive and the yellow hive were extremely busy, with lots and lots […]

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Oct 01 2017

Blue hive inspection Sept 29

So last Friday, around 10:15am I got around to inspecting the blue hive. It was sunny and about 61 degrees when I went outside and the girls were out flying about. Blue Hive – Queen Hjemmelaget I got everything ready, took 2 sorting boxes out to the hive and got the smoker going, and knocked […]

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Sep 27 2017

Now the rain is gone

So it rained basically solid for a week after the longest drought ever here. Then it quit over the weekend and it’s been getting slowly warmer and warmer each day – in the low 70’s and will be in the high 70’s by Friday. I was hoping that there were still things in bloom and […]

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Sep 17 2017

I’m shockified

So I got back after being gone for a week and knew I needed to look at the hives to see how they’re doing. Honestly, I figured after 3 weeks of smoke, 2 hives trying to make a queen with nothing at all showing for their work a couple of weeks ago, and the record […]

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Aug 29 2017

Blue Hive – Queen anyone?

Today at 9:15am at 75 degrees I went out to check on the blue hive. I got the smoker going, had a sorting box ready. Even though it was already warm out, there was cloud cover so the bees weren’t really flying that much and a lot of them were in the hive. Blue Hive […]

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Aug 29 2017

Yellow hive peek and orange hive treatment

So yesterday at about 9am at 74 degrees, I went out to the bee deck with my smoker, a jar with alcohol (in case I needed to inspect for mites in the yellow hive) and a package of Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) for the orange hive. I smoked the orange hive lightly. Then I […]

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Aug 28 2017

there’s trouble in Mudville

I inspected the orange hive yesterday morning as the bees came out, about 8:45am at 72 degrees. I got the smoker going and had a box for sorting. This hive started as a 4X2 hive. The top two honey boxes were set aside. I permanently removed the queen excluder as I won’t be extracting any […]

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Sep 25 2016

Hive inspections, inspecting food

Today at 2:45p it was 75 degrees and sunny with no wind. So I decided to go out and inspect all three hives since I’m leaving for a week tomorrow and I don’t know what the weather will be like once I get home. I also wanted to see what their food stores were like. […]

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Sep 22 2016

Feeding update v1.2

The girls went through all their food from Monday by Tuesday late afternoon. So I made some more food, with HBH, and on Wednesday put on another quart on each hive. Today, Thursday, by this afternoon at 1:40pm, the orange hive feeder had about 1″ left and the purple hive feeder was dry. It’s cold […]

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Sep 19 2016

Feeding update

By Saturday evening, both hives had depleted their 1 quart feeders. It rained all day Saturday and Sunday, so I didn’t replenish them. I went ahead and added a quart of syrup to each hive. The feeders were dead dry. I spent a few minutes smashing wasps on the front of the hive, then the […]

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