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May 31 2010

food check

I checked the food today. They had only taken it down about 1 inch and there were not very many bees in the trough. I assume this is because it was so cold and rainy, and because the food has now moved up another level, they’re probably eating the food that they’ve already stored in […]

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May 30 2010

adding hive box

I e-mailed my bee mentor to tell him about my inspection. He said that my bees are doing really, really well. Yeaahhh! He said I definitely need to add my top hive box. So I booked it outside with HB and our trusty companion (our Newfie, Arf). Got into my bee suit quick, took out […]

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May 30 2010


I did a full inspection today. It got up to about 64 degrees and sunny by 2pm. I thought I got all prepared. I had an extra hive box just in case, 3 extra frames, the hose to clean off the deck of any spilled syrup, a full gallon of syrup, my camera, and the […]

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May 29 2010

update on raid

I took the dead bees up to the bee wizard (aka Jerry). He said the black bees are a kind of honeybee. He said that’s exactly what happened, these bees tried to rob my hive and my girl guards did their job and got rid of them. I don’t need to take any other precautions […]

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May 28 2010

food check, bee raid?

I looked out the window tonight and noticed a bunch of dead bees in front of the hive, on the deck. I know they weren’t there yesterday morning when I did my food check. So I suited up to go out and do a food check and see what was going on. I found 36 […]

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May 28 2010

food check done 5/27/10

Actually did the food check yesterday morning, 5/27/10 before I went to work. They were entirely out of food and had filled about 3/4 of the trough with comb. Most of the comb was filled with syrup. I filled it entirely up with warm syrup. It absolutely poured rain yesterday and was cold and it’s […]

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May 24 2010

food check

Checked their food again today. They were nearly totally out of syrup and had built three comb ladders down to the bottom. I entirely filled up the syrup holder to about 1″ from the top. I smoked them just a tinch this time before I shut the lid to drive them down so they wouldn’t […]

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May 23 2010

food check

They were nearly all out of food. I filled it 1/2 with syrup. They got kind of active and riled up, probably because they were almost out of food and also because this is the first warm day in about 4 days so they want to be busy and not have someone opening the roof. […]

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May 22 2010

bees in chives

Here are my girls loving the chives in my garden. Look how fuzzy and soft their little heads look. You can see their bright, glossy black eyes. I love the one of the girl diving in with her little butt out. You can see the veins in their wings and the sun shining off of […]

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May 21 2010

lucky lucky bees

Bees are lucky, even though they only live about 28 days. They don’t have to have colonoscopies.

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