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Jun 30 2010

consultation with the wiz

I peddled my little bicycle with it’s basket down to the local farmers market this evening. I like to support the local market so I try and buy something from them each Wednesday. I got asparagus from one place, zucchini from another, cherries from another and Canadian bacon from the organic pig farm guy. But […]

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Jun 29 2010

Desperate measures and heroic bees

I’m sure any commercial beekeeper, who gets used to losing 20 hives out of 500 over the year, would absolutely laugh out loud at the expense and lengths to which I’m going to keep my bees from leaving. But desperate times, yadda yadda yadda. Here’s the timeline – a queen hatches in 15 days. Those […]

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Jun 28 2010

here we go

I’m writing this blog while sitting at the viewing station. My laptop is perched on the windowsill and I’m looking over the top of it to the beehive 3 feet away. It’s a beautiful, balmy evening, about 75 and the sun is behind the trees, but it’s not down. It’s just about 8pm. It’s so […]

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Jun 27 2010


Apparently I’m not in control, the bees are. People pay me quite a tidy sum each year to make sure everything goes perfectly, financially, legally right in their hospitals. And it does, because I’m in control. I get that way through acquiring knowledge, constant research, calculated and careful planning, years of experience,  making the right […]

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Jun 26 2010

bee inspection – what are they doing?

OK, now I’m really nervous. During my inspections I always find Queen Cups, which are little cups of oversized comb on the bottom bars of a frame, with an open mouth. You don’t worry about these as they are just always made as a backup in case the bees think they might want to make […]

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Jun 26 2010

bees are active

It’s very warm today so I plan on inspecting my bees later. I went up to the supply house about 8am because I had to get another empty frame to replace the space when I take my feeder out today. I assume the girls have sucked it dry. Mr Bee Wizard said I should see […]

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Jun 23 2010

warm weather – nectar?

It was warm yesterday and very warm and sunny today. It’s supposed to be warm and sunny tomorrow morning, then rain in the afternoon and rain on Friday, then a sunny and warm weekend. C’mon Nectar! I’m going to check the bee food tomorrow. If they still have 1/2 a gallon left, I’m going to […]

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Jun 23 2010

6/22/10 feeding

Forgot entirely to post this. On 6/22/10 I checked the bee’s food. It was half down, so that’s 1/2 a gallon in 2 days. That’s about half as much as they were eating when it was raining the whole time. It was sunny on Tuesday so I assume they’re getting some other food somewhere.

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Jun 20 2010

back to food

I have numbered each and every one of the frames in my hives on one end. Numbers like 14, 15, 16 etc. The other end of the frame is marked with a 10 which means it was introduced into the hive in 2010. This way I know in about 4-5 years I need to destroy […]

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Jun 20 2010

hive inspection

Today was a sunny day, so it was hive inspection day. I was anxious to see if they had started making any honey in the new honey box on top. I decided to do the inspection at about 11:30am so it wasn’t so hot. By the time I got done (it took me 40 minutes), […]

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