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Jul 31 2010

thunderstorms and bees

Today started out with a huge thunderstorm early in the morning. I was going to get up and make strawberry pancakes with whip cream for breakfast, then the power went out at 6:30a. So HB said it was a sign we were supposed to go to our little breakfast cafe on the lower south hill. […]

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Jul 30 2010

busy little girls

It was a warm, muggy day and this evening the girls are just busy, busy. The hive is quite active, bees coming and going, orienteering, swooshing up into the air and coming back in with pollen on their legs.  There are about 5 dead bodies so I don’t know if that’s just housecleaning or a […]

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Jul 27 2010

hive inspection – we have liftoff!

I inspected the hive at 7am since it’s going to be another scorcher today. It took me about 45 minutes and I was just dripping sweat by the time I got done – sweat pools all over the inside of my glasses so I could hardly see. First, HB and I sat at the viewing […]

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Jul 25 2010

Busy bees – still waiting

I’m still waiting to check on Queen G to see if she’s laying properly. It’s probably a good thing I’m slammed tomorrow from 7:30a to late night or I’d peek too early. I’m going to check on her Tuesday after work to see if she started laying yet. That would be about 4-5 days from […]

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Jul 23 2010

quick inspection, G out … somewhere

I did a sneaky peeky. Suited up, went on the bee deck, puff puff at the front door, removed all the boxes down to the 2nd from bottom where Queen G was in her cage last time I saw her. She’s not in her cage. They had eaten out the marshmallow and there were worker […]

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Jul 22 2010

waiting to check on Queen G

I still haven’t been able to check and see if Queen G has made it out of her little cage into the hive. I was going to check today but the winds are blowing at 20-40 mph, heavy with dust and if there’s one thing bees hate, it’s wind. So I’ll wait til tomorrow. I’m […]

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Jul 20 2010

Queen release, Grace semi-released

So this evening I just went out, suited up, gave a smoke knock knock on the front door, swept away the dead bees (they’ve been cleaning house), refreshed the water and put new styrofoam floaters in the water since the paint sticks sunk to the bottom (lesson, make boats out of styrofoam, not wood). I […]

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Jul 18 2010

seeking revenge

When I got up this morning and went to the viewing station to see how the bees were doing early, I saw a little 1″ x 1″ note taped to the outside of the screen on the window at the viewing station. Here are pictures of the note, as I first saw it and then […]

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Jul 18 2010

short inspection, looking for Q Susan

I’m sitting here at my keyboard, comfortably ensconced on my new, padded and upholstered bee station chair (more later), eating chocolate silk pie. I actually knew by this afternoon I’d be sitting here eating chocolate pie. If things went bad today, I’d be eating chocolate pie staring at my dying little beehive because things went […]

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Jul 16 2010

bee inspection – not good, not good at all

I did a full hive inspection at 9am today, since it was going to be about 88 and was already hot. Time to see if Queen T is actually alive and well. I now have 3 shallow honey supers on top of the hive, with 24 total frames. The top honey box hadn’t been touched […]

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