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Sep 27 2010

on your own

We’re going on vacation for a week little bees, so you’re on your own. Thanks for the honey – you were wonderful to share so much of that with us. We’ll never waste a drop of your hard earned bounty. This week is supposed to be hot and sunny so just keep on bringing in […]

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Sep 25 2010

extracting honnneeey

honeyhoneyhoneyhoney. Unbelievable! I don’t know why but I have spent the whole day just flabbergasted and in kind of shock. I don’t think I ever realistically thought I’d actually get any honey. I can’t believe my little bugs gave me all this wonderful sweet stuff. I drove up to the farm where I was extracting […]

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Sep 24 2010

wiggle waggle

Wednesday when I was inspecting the hive I actually saw a bee on the comb doing a waggle dance. I’ve read all about that and heard about it in bee class, but I’ve never actually seen it. It was SOOOOO cool! It was exactly as it’s described and outlined in my books. This waggle dance […]

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Sep 22 2010

Hive inspection

I inspected the hive at 2:30p, it was warm and sunny, the bees were very busy around the front door. I suited up, took out some heavy syrup and all my tools, got the hose ready in case I spilled some syrup so I could quickly clean up so as not to create a robbing […]

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Sep 20 2010


I’m home, little bees. I was gone for a whole week working. So this evening, I went out just to give them some heavy syrup. Of course, it was dead dry. So I filled it up with a gallon of heavy syrup, swept up the porch and let them be. I’ll do an inspection on […]

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Sep 11 2010

feeding – education

I resisted the urge to open the hive and peek today. It’s only been a week and you’re really not supposed to disturb them more often than every 2 weeks, especially if you want them to keep making babies and raising brood.They were very active as it was sunny out – lots of coming and […]

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Sep 10 2010

feeding – bringing in pollen

About 5p I made up a gallon batch of fall syrup with a teaspoon of Honey B Healthy, suited up, got my camera and headed out to the bee deck. I gave a little smoke knock on the front door, popped the roof and took a peek. The gallon I gave them 4 days ago […]

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Sep 08 2010

telling the bees

I told the bees tonight about my uncle Bob. I just read that one of the first commercial apiaries in the world was found in the archeological digs in Israel in Beth Shean. I’VE BEEN TO THE DIGS IN BETH SHEAN! We weren’t shown the ancient apiary. It had about 200 hives made out of […]

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Sep 06 2010

feeding – again. Busy girls

Today was sunny but not particularly warm, about 67 degrees. The girls were quite busy around the front of the hive, wafting up and down and sideways, then shooting out with purpose. I saw several come in with very pale yellow pollen in their little back leg baskets. I went into my new bee shed […]

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Sep 05 2010


I fed the bees 1/2 gallon of heavy syrup around 6:30p. It was totally dry so they went through 1/2 gallon in 2 days. We had a family BBQ last night so one of my brothers suited up with me and went out to see the bees up close. We knocked on the front door […]

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