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Oct 31 2010

sunny day, busy girls

It got really sunny today. All afternoon the girls were really busy. It looked like a spring day with about 50 bees constantly in front of the hive, dozens at a time stepping out onto the front porch in a little pile through the reduced entrance, then zooming immediately away. Once again, I could see […]

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Oct 30 2010


It has been in the lower 30’s overnight for about a week. Today, the high was low 40’s and raining quite a bit. I decided to winterize the hive with HB’s help. I need to keep ventilation to the hive from underneath, but keep chilling winds from sweeping up under. Since it was cold and […]

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Oct 24 2010

sun peeks out

It’s been raining for 2 days and this morning it just poured. But about 1:30p the sun came out very bright for just about an hour and a half. I looked out and all my bird baths had filled up with water. There were at least 3-4 birds in each bath, just bathing away – […]

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Oct 22 2010

missing the bees

It’s now nearly dark when I go to work and nearly dark when I get home. So unless I’m actually home during the day, I never have the opportunity any more to go sit in my chair at the bee viewing station and just relax and watch the girls work. It’s like they’re not even […]

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Oct 20 2010


I inspected the hive today at about noon. It was about 62 degrees out and very sunny. I had seen the bees zooming and zipping in and out of the hive all morning, as soon as the sun came out. I actually saw some coming back in with pollen, although I have no idea where […]

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Oct 16 2010

no peeking

It’s been very cold at night, nearly freezing. Today got up to about 55 but it was breezy and felt much colder. Right now, the best thing I can do for my bees is NOT to break open their house just to see how their doing since it’s too cold. I’m not going to put […]

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Oct 13 2010


About 4pm I suited up and went out just to feed the bees. I looked at the 10 day weather and it’s supposed to be in the 60’s during the days and between 34-37 at night, so not quite freezing. Once it freezes, I have to pull the food as it’s no good (it’ll crystallize) […]

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Oct 10 2010

Winterizing bee education

At the beekeepers monthly meeting on Friday, there was all sorts of discussion and some good education. One of the experienced beekeepers gave us some education winterizing bees. Here are the things I need to remember. During the fall until it freezes, you want to feed the bees to stimulate them laying brood so they’ll […]

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Oct 09 2010

hive inspection

I did a full hive inspection today to get ready for winterizing the bees. I did this based on what I learned at bee meeting education on Friday night (will cover that in blog tomorrow). At about 1:30p it was 64 degrees. I suited up, got my smoker going, took out the camera and made […]

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Oct 06 2010

hippo barfy 2 bees

It was warm this afternoon so the bees were busy when I got home, even though the sun is going down much earlier these days. They are still buzzing busily in and out of the hive. Still bringing in that obnoxiously orange pollen – I have no idea where they’re getting that stuff.  But last […]

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