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Nov 27 2010

They’re Alive

I’ve been worried about the girls since this is my first winter. Last week, it got down to -15 one night and in the single digits during the day. Then since the day before Thanksgiving we have gotten 15 inches of snow, we’re supposed to get 4 more today and it just keeps snowing all […]

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Nov 14 2010

winter now

We are certainly into winter now the past week. It’s freezing at night, cold during the day and raining with a chance of snow the last few days. It’s odd getting used to not seeing the bees every day or not checking on them out the window. HB took the bee viewing seat and turned […]

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Nov 06 2010

girls a-flyin

It got up to 60 degrees today and very sunny, so the girls were a flyin. I’m starting to regret not having kept the feeder on the hive, except that half the beekeepers said to pull it (the other half said feed to the last minute) and also it’s getting really cold at night which […]

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Nov 03 2010

cleaning house

It was very sunny and about 54 degrees today. I went outside to look at the bees over the fence on the bee deck. They’ve been cleaning house. There were about 40 dead bodies on the deck all around the front porch. Here’s a picture. Look at the bodies they’ve stuffed down in the cracks […]

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