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Dec 31 2010

Snow and subfreezing

It’s currently -5 outside at 7:30am. This is what the beehive looks like. At least I can still see that right in front of the door, the snow is still melting (which means heat is being generated) and there are a couple of new dead bodies out front, so cleaning is being done. I’ve just […]

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Dec 29 2010


It’s supposed to snow 12″ today and keep snowing, then in two days have a deep freeze for about a week, when it gets down to single digits or below zero for a week. So I’ll need to have HB go sweep the snow off the front porch for the girls so they can get […]

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Dec 27 2010

bees in winter

It’s been pretty mild over the Christmas holidays, highs near 40, lows around 30 and often sunny during the day. There are a few new little dead bodies outside the front door, maybe 10. However, it’s supposed to start snowing again tonight and within a couple of days have a high of 6 degrees, lows […]

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Dec 22 2010

Still keeping warm

It’s been cold, in the 20’s and low 30’s, and snowing for several days off and on. But when I took a peek at the bee deck this morning, the front door snow is melted off in a half circle around the door so the little girls are apparently still generating heat – thus ALIVE. […]

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Dec 15 2010

cleaning up fallen soldiers

It’s about 43 degrees, not windy, not rainy (not sunny either). So I went out on the bee deck to do some cleaning. I undid the metal screen entrance reducer on the front door and put a thin stick under the door way back into the floor of the hive to sweep out the dead […]

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Dec 12 2010

bodies piling up, Beekeepers Christmas party, education

It turned above 40 on Friday and I looked outside the window to the bee deck. Oh my. There must be about 200 bee bodies scattered on the front porch and on the deck below. Wow. I guess relative to the bees inside that might be small, and they are going to keep dying off. […]

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Dec 04 2010

Still kicking

We have had record breaking snow in November, more snow than we had all last year. Nights have been 20 or below, today’s high only 28. But the front door of the hive is still melted and each day I see 3-5 little dead bodies pushed out on the front porch and even odder, there […]

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