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Jan 29 2011

clean up

Today’s high was about 44 but it felt a lot colder and it rained all day. I decided to use the rainy day to clean up around the beehive. The tarpaper had fallen off the outside so I put it back on and wrapped all the way around the tarpaper with duct tape. This will […]

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Jan 24 2011

prepping bee boxes

I got my shipment of Western bee boxes in. I’ll be all ready for them to swarm this year. I have enough for two hives, each with 8 western hive bodies and lots of honey supers. I spent a couple of days painting them cheery colors. So bring it on, girls, you won’t swarm on […]

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Jan 15 2011

cleaning house, girls flying

I knew it was supposed to be in the 40’s today. So about 9am I went out to the bee deck to do a housecleaning. There are about a dozen dead bodies on the front porch and you can see others piled up against the metal screen inside. So I unpinned the metal screen that’s […]

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Jan 08 2011

unfreeze and freeze again

We have had several days of warmer weather and rain, in the mid 30’s.  The snow is not all gone, there’s still quite a bit, but the ice is gone now, as are the icicles.  All the snow is off the hive. There are about 30 new dead bodies on the front porch and about […]

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