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Feb 19 2011

sunny day, bees out

Today has been very sunny since early morning. It’s currently 40 degrees and the girls started slowly crawling out the front door about an hour ago. Now they’re popping out the front door at a good clip, flying off and cleaning out dead bodies. I got suited up, took another pollen patty and one hard […]

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Feb 13 2011

sunny day, girls are out

Today it was very sunny and got up to about 49 degrees.  About 2pm the girls were out. Kind of slowly crawling out the front door, walking as if they forgot how to walk. Then they’d hop up in the air and shoot up in the sky.  They flew about for around an hour, then […]

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Feb 05 2011

winter break, pollen patty

I went up to the bee supply house today about 9:30a. I wasn’t sure if it’d be open, but the gate was open so we drove down. It’s such a cozy place, I can see why the beekeepers like to gather there. Here was the river mozying in front, the little bee supply house, smoke […]

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