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Apr 30 2011

bees out, not too sunny

It’s only about 54 at 3:30p, a little windy and overcast. but the bees are still flying.  They’re not super active but there is a good little flurry around the front of the hive and they’re flying whenever the sun comes out. They are bringing in pollen. It’s supposed to get up to 59 tomorrow […]

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Apr 24 2011

small peek

Yesterday was very sunny. The high was only about 57 so really not warm enough to do a whole inspection. So about 1pm I suited up, took a new drone trap frame out to the bee deck, laid out all my tools and started up the smoker. The girls were flying like crazy all day, […]

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Apr 20 2011

girls were out flying despite cold

It’s official. This has now been the longest span ever in this area since it was 60 degrees. The last 60 degree day was near the first of November and we are still running 10-14 degrees colder than normal.  It snowed a little yesterday and they say it’s supposed to snow a little tomorrow. Today […]

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Apr 18 2011


It snowed most of today. Yes, snowed. Big, fat, thick snowflakes. I couldn’t see 2 city blocks through the flurries. It started about 2pm and continued into the evening. I have no idea what this does to a hive this late. Last time I looked, there was still plenty of honey on the hive and […]

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Apr 16 2011

Human keeping class 101 and 102

So I think I’ll wander up to the bee store and hang out for a while with the OF’s. I need to find out what to do with my mite strips I put in the hive. They are supposed to be on the hive for 7 days with the weather between 50-90 degrees. We were […]

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Apr 09 2011

Accidental inspection – and panic ensues

Well, I had a simple plan today. Just take a peek in the top of the hive to see if the bees still had food, shut her up until a sunny, 60 degree day. It got up to 54 today and was sunny and still. First, I went up to the bee store to hang […]

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Apr 09 2011

chemical vs non-chemical mite treatments

CHEMICAL Basically this is treating the beehive with formic acid. So far, these are a little caustic, can’t be used during honey flow and must be removed from the hive. However, the newly emergency approved Mite Strips are different.  There is actually natural formic acid in honey which is one of the things that make […]

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Apr 09 2011

Varroa Mites

Varroa Mites These are the baddest thing in the hive. They are what carries or contributes to practically all other diseases in your hive. We’re told that you will never have a hive without these, it’s just trying to get them to a manageable level. It sounds kind of like a common cold. You can’t […]

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Apr 09 2011

Trachea mites & mite strips

Trachea Mites Bees have 6 trachea tubes, 3 on each side which they use for breathing. Trachea mites get inside these tubes, reproduce and live in the trachea and end up suffocating the bee. The first sign is lethargic bees, maybe they can’t fly, because they have no oxygen. Only a lab can tell you […]

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Apr 06 2011

Brood frame patterns & Hygienic bees

All of the bee books I read talk about knowing if your queen is a great queen by watching the brood patterns she lays. They also show pictures and tell you about having a very tight brood pattern. In other words, nearly an entire frame laid up and capped, no holes, with a bit of […]

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