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May 30 2011

Different sisters

It was very sunny and warm today and the bee deck is busy. In the last two days, I’ve noticed a difference in the two hives. The orange hive has the old queen, which is one they made themselves last fall, Queen Sigrun. The purple hive is the one with the brand new Queen Daisy. […]

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May 29 2011

Hives together

Today was very sunny and warm and the activity with the two hives was very high. Twice as many bees buzzing around in front of the hives and darting across the yard and sky. They come in and drift around in front of one of the two hives and then go in or go out. […]

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May 28 2011

Girls are all back home

Well, we finally brought the split hive with it’s girls back home again tonight. This is categorized under “hive management” but I’d say all in all, we did not manage that very well.  It actually didn’t go as well as I hoped but it did go as well as I expected. We waited til about […]

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May 27 2011

Queen Daisy is on the loose

I checked late today to see if Queen Daisy had been let out yet. Took off the top 3 boxes. There was her little cage in the bottom, no Queen Daisy inside, but a bunch of bees inside cleaning out the fondant that’s left inside to feed the queen. There’s still quite a bit of […]

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May 26 2011

Girls are coming home

This weekend is supposed to be rainy and windy. So I plan on bringing my girls back home. If it’s rainy during the day the girls will be in their hive so I can seal them up and bring them home. If not, I’ll do it after dark. Then we’ll put them right back on […]

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May 25 2011

freeing Queen Daisy

Today was warm, about 70, but about 4pm we suddenly started getting very heavy gusts, sometimes bending the small trees. I really needed to free Queen Daisy in the hive. So I sent a little prayer (please no wind for just about 10 minutes), suited up quickly and head out to the hive. I got […]

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May 21 2011

Queen Daisy is here

Well, today was the first day I was able to get to the bee supply house since I split my hive. My bees here at home have been without a queen for 9 days. I went up to the bee house about 10am. There were three other people there getting queens. They all seem to […]

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May 15 2011

rotten weather – don’t give up beekeepers

We were out of town for three days, leaving poor little queenless hive to survive on their own.  It happened to be the first two days of 70 degree weather in the past 7 months and we missed it. I bet the girls were CRAAAZY. We got back this afternoon and suddenly my early flowering […]

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May 12 2011

transporting split hive

Today was the big day. It was supposed to be cold, a little rainy and windy all day, which would mean the bees would stay in the hive and we could take our time during the day to get them all packaged up and moved. However…..apparently the weather man can’t get it straight even 12 […]

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May 11 2011

splitting the hive

I was a little worried yesterday and today because when I looked at my beehive, there were bees plastered all over the outside of the front of the hive. I wondered if this meant they were going to swarm on me. I sent a quick e-mail to the Queen Bee and she said this is […]

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