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Jun 28 2011

Purpose redirected

I’m currently sitting in the Seattle airport, in my favorite spot in the Seattle airport (which is kind of pathetic since I’m so familiar with this airport I have a “favorite spot”), in a rocking chair in front of the famous big windows looking out on the world and the Olympic Mountains. A British Airways […]

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Jun 26 2011

Inspection yesterday

It was about 65 and very sunny on Saturday. So I decided to be industrious and inspect BOTH beehives on the same day. I went out about 1:3opm. Took my camera, Epipen, the big tote with a lid and empty box to store honey frames, 2 extra western boxes with frames, 2 shallow boxes with […]

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Jun 19 2011

in the garden

It was overcast but got up to about 66 today so the girls were flying. When I walk through the yard past the bee deck, even 20 feet away, you can smell the sweet smell of honey wafting off the hives on the wind. It smells wonderful. There’s a significant difference with two hives on […]

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Jun 17 2011

Queens sort of out

I put in Queen 1 and 2 last Saturday and needed to release them out of their cages on Wednesday. But it just poured rain all day Wednesday, then poured rain all  Thursday. I NEED TO GET QUEENIES OUT! So this afternoon we had a break and it was cloudy but still a little warm. […]

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Jun 12 2011

Bee meeting about swarming & Requeening

We had our monthly beekeepers meeting Friday night. There were about 100 people there. I sat next to a lady who has to have been at least 80, talking about her bees, nodding her head, making “ah hah” noises, had terrible arthritis in her hands, all bony and jointed. I asked her if she had […]

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Jun 12 2011

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned: 1.  Wear damp T-shirt and wet headband underneath bee suite when inspecting 2.  Never cut out supersedure cells 3.  Always cut out swarm cells 4.  When there are 6 frames of bees in an 8 frame box, put on a new box. When there are 6 frames of bees in that box, put […]

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Jun 11 2011

What on earth is going on?

Well, another fine Saturday entirely shot with my lousy attempts at beekeeping. Honestly, what do they do in the wild? Do they do better than this? It was about 55 degrees at 9:30a today so I decided to suit up and inspect the orange hive, see how the queen was doing. I got an extra […]

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Jun 05 2011

Inspection of Purple Hive – what’s Daisy up to?

It was going to be about 80 today, so I decided to do my inspection at 9am.  The girls were already up and about around 6:30am as the sun was shining on their beehives. I will alter weeks of inspecting hives, purple one weekend, orange the next. Today was Purple day and Queen Daisy. 9am […]

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