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Jul 31 2011

girls in the garden

Here are a few pictures of the girls in the garden today. It got quite hot, in the upper 80’s which is making me worried about the mite strips as they’re not supposed to be in there over 80 degrees. But I couldn’t really wait as there’s mites in the hive. I’ll remove them either […]

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Jul 26 2011

Mite control

I went out at about 5pm, suited up, put on thick rubber gloves and took out one package of two mite strips.  I smoked the orange hive, popped off the honey shallow box and the western honey box and laid just one mite strip across the top bars of the top (3rd) brood box. I […]

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Jul 24 2011

pulling honey

At 10:30am I decided to go out and pop out just the frames that have 90% capped honey.  So I suited up, brought out a few empty western frames and a full shallow box with empty frames. There really weren’t any ready in reading my orange hive inspection so I just went to the purple […]

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Jul 23 2011

Inspection time

Today was inspection day for both hives.  It was already 73 degrees by 10:30am so I wet down my tank top, put on shorts, put on a wet do rag, got my Epipen, camera and my new, very cool, digital voice recorder and headed outside.  HB took out a western and two shallow boxes full […]

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Jul 16 2011

Thank you girls

Thank you girls for pollinating my peas. Thank you girls for pollinating my squash. Thank you girls for the honey. I did a quick look today at 5pm just to see if I had any more honey. I suited up with my wet do rag, got the smoker going, took out with me a box […]

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Jul 09 2011

Two good queens working away

Today got up to 76. I decided to do my inspection of both hives at 10:30am. HB helped me gather all my stuff to prepare. We gathered on the bee deck: The big tote from the basement which has the box storing honey frames; a second big tote and western box just in case I […]

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Jul 02 2011

weights & measures

It’s 68 degrees (feels hotter) at 10:15am so I went out just to look at the top honey boxes. I got my Very Large Totes (VLT) ready to store any finished honey, I brought out 2 shallow boxes full of empty frames and 5 extra, empty, western frames. I also donned by water soaked do […]

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Jul 01 2011

bees are fuzzy

It was about 82 today, very sunny. The bees are crazy active. I was in the garden working, thinning, weeding and planting seeds. When I walk by the bee deck the smell of honey is delicious. The hummmm of the two hives is quite loud near the deck. It’s not high pitched or angry. It’s […]

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