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Aug 27 2011

honey, it’s sweet…a sticky treat

I needed to peek and see if I had any more honey today. So I went out about 10:30am, which was too late in the morning because it was already 88 degrees. I put a new big tote on the deck just in case I had some more honey, 2 shallow boxes with frames, and […]

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Aug 18 2011

Hive inspection

I’m leaving for the weekend so decided to inspect the hives tonight after work. Last time I washed my bee suit, the veil around my hood tore in several places leaving large holes, which is NOT good because it’s near my face. I realized I probably should have been unzipping the hood from the suit […]

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Aug 10 2011

girls in the garden

Here are some pics of my girls in the garden this evening after work. They like the white oregano, lavender and you can see a bee butt sticking up out of the bottom of a squash blossom.  It’s been in the 80’s each day so they’ve been really busy gathering. I’ve been so busy working […]

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Aug 06 2011

Hive inspection

So I needed to do a full hive inspection today. I got out there about 8:30am to try and get a jump on the hot day ahead. I put on shorts, a wet Tshirt, my wet do-rag. Hauled extra honey frames and boxes and extra western frames and boxes out to the bee deck, and […]

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Aug 03 2011

removed mite strips

I ran out there tonight at 5:30p as it’s still about 82 degrees. I suited up, of course, just put enough paper in the smoker to get ‘er goin’ and knocked on the front door and the roof. I took off the particle board sheet that has been shielding the metal top from the sun, […]

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