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Sep 30 2011

Fall Inspection yesterday

I inspected the hive yesterday at around 4:30pm. It was still warm outside, in the high 60’s. On each hive I permanently removed the plywood cover over the top so the sun will now shine directly on the metal and let them heat up more quickly. I also removed the mite strips from each hive […]

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Sep 23 2011

sweet tasting

There’s not a whole lot of things that taste better than a chunk of warm, homemade cornbread with your own golden, sweet honey slathered on.

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Sep 18 2011

We have liftoff

I inspected the bees at 4pm today, it was about 62 degrees, overcast and a tiny bit windy, but not too bad. I got suited up, took everything out to the deck and was ready to do just a quick inspection and to put on treatment for the mites. Purple Hive: The top box had […]

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Sep 11 2011

Grand Larceny

Definition: Theft of property exceeding a certain value. And we’ve gotten away with it. And we can’t stop giggling and feeling like we REALLY GOT AWAY WITH SOMETHING BIG. Total Take: 85.5 pounds of honey, stolen from the orange and purple hives. Actually the girls were quite generous, only complaining a little bit. But I […]

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Sep 10 2011

short inspection – looking for queen

I did a very short inspection just to look at the honey stores on the hive and to see if the new queen was laying yet. I did this about 8:30am as it was already 68 degrees out and the bees were up and about. I suited up, got my stuff out, got the smoker […]

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Sep 05 2011

full inspection – very interesting developments

I went out to do a full inspection at 10:30am. Temperature said it was 65 but the deck is in full sun and it was near 80 by the time I got done an hour later. It got up to 90 today and is supposed to be in the lower 90’s all week. I needed […]

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Sep 01 2011

spinning time

I have my first time ever honey extracting all planned out. HB is nearly done with the new bee shed, which will house honey extracting and all the bee equipment – check Have Little Wonder 4 frame hand crank honey extractor put together, set up and tested – check Have capping scratcher, extra 5 gallon […]

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