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Mar 28 2012

Adding more room

Ever since I inspected the bees on Sunday, I’ve been rethinking what I did in managing the hive. They currently have the brood box on the bottom, then 2 boxes full of food on top. The brood box has about 6 1/2 frames of brood, about the size of a softball on each frame so […]

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Mar 25 2012

Queen Mektig at your service

Oh you beautiful girls you great big beautiful girls! About 2pm it got to 62 degrees, sunny, no wind, and the girls were a buzzin’, very active, shooting out into the blue sky and all around the front of the hive. I gathered: EpiPen, lighter, camera, digital recorder, burlap, pine shavings, big tote with 4 […]

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Mar 23 2012

small window of sun

It snowed yesterday and this morning quite a bit. Most of the snow melted off by this afternoon and then for about 45 minutes just around 3pm, the sun came out and it got to about 50 and sunny. I looked out the bee viewing station and the girls were flying. Not massive quantities of […]

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Mar 18 2012

hungry girls

It’s been cold and rainy for 2 weeks now with no end in sight. There hasn’t been a day up to 50 in that time and nothing forcast. It’s also been cold at night. So a couple weeks ago when I took a peek the girls still had basically about a box and a half […]

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Mar 10 2012

Shooting the breeze at the bee house

So today was supposed to get up to 54 degrees and sunny and I was hoping to inspect the girls for real. However, it never got above about 51 at our house and it was breezy. Some of the girls were about and flying, but not nearly like they were a week ago on Sunday. […]

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Mar 10 2012

top bar hives

So we had our bee meeting last night.  It was great because one of the guys that teaches brought his top bar hives that he decided to start just last year as an experiment.  He brought three of the actual hives so we could all inspect them and look them over. They’re quite cool and […]

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Mar 04 2012

whoooohoooo they’re out

It was about 2:45pm and I took a peek out the bee viewing stating and – wooooohoooooo! Girls are a-flying for the first time since they closed down for the winter! I was yelling “GO GIRLS, WHOOPEEE!” so loud my dog came running to see and poked her nose at the screen to see for […]

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Mar 03 2012

oh bees little bees where are you

It’s been a long winter. I know they’re still alive because they routinely kick little dead bodies out the front door. So far, no days up near 50 so I can take a quick peek. I can’t wait until spring. I miss the girls.

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