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Apr 29 2012

Hive inspection – good grief

It got up to about 64 degrees by 10:30am so I went out to inspect the hives. I took out a couple of extra boxes, each with 8 frames of drawn out come that has some residual honey, nectar and pollen (not much) in case I needed them. I realized once I got out to […]

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Apr 22 2012

These are hard working queens

It was going to get up to 77 today, so at 11:00am I went out to inspect the two hives, just a short one, to see how both queens are doing. I went in the basement and got the big tote of all the rest of the frames that have some food – there are […]

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Apr 21 2012

what a sunny day

Finally, a sunny day. It got to about  70 degrees and very sunny today. The girls were really busy in both hives. I didn’t inspect today. I’ll give them another day and inspect tomorrow to see if the new queen is producing eggs yet. I sat on the bee bench right out by the beehives […]

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Apr 18 2012

letting her out

Today was my day off and I was hoping to see if the queen got released in the orange hive. But it was miserable and rainy and cold most of the day. About 3pm, it suddenly got sunny and barely up to 50 so I thought I’d better run out and see what was up. […]

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Apr 14 2012

Release the Kraken!

Today was package day.  It’s so exciting, even when you’re not a newbie beekeeper. At about 10:30am we headed over to the bee house to get there before the rush. All the newbies that are in beginning class were going to their class at 11:30am, then up to get their bee packages so I figured […]

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Apr 11 2012

sunny day

It was supposed to rain all day today, but instead, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun came out. It got up to 70 degrees. I had the day off, so I worked in the garden, organizing my garden shed and the bee shed. The girls were very active. Lots and lots […]

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Apr 10 2012

Whoohooo, girls are doin’ good

I got home after work and it’s still very warm, about 70 degrees. So I decided to do a full hive inspection since it’s supposed to rain the next few days. HB brought a big tote up from the basement with frames of food, drawn out frames and got me some brand new frames from […]

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Apr 07 2012

the girls in the yard

About 1pm it was 47 degrees and very sunny out. It’s too cold to actually open the hive and expose the babies, but the girls are really busy, out flying and in the yard. I went out to the bee deck and sat by the hive watching for awhile. They are really bringing in the […]

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Apr 03 2012

warm day and girls are flying

I came home from work around 5pm and it was still about 62 out. The hive was already in the afternoon shadows but the girls were out flying and busy.  Not tons of girls flying but a good amount. I saw a consistent stream of bees coming into the hive with both light yellow and […]

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