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May 26 2012

Try it on your own, girls

It was extremely windy today and overcast. It was about 60-62 and I knew I really needed to see how the purple, queenless hive is doing, but didn’t want to disturb them if it’s windy. However, I noticed the bees were all active and out so the wind on the bee deck must not bee […]

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May 16 2012

Go with God, little bees

Laura called me last night. She went through her entire hive that I gave her and there is no queen and no eggs. So she doesn’t have my errant Queen Mektig. I then did an inspection today on the purple hive. There is not a single egg in sight. There were some very tiny larvae, […]

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May 14 2012

Yin and Yang

How can one go from having the healthiest hive and queen on the planet, to a topsy turvey queenless hive in 2 short days? I did a quick inspection after work tonight just to see if I could find fresh eggs and ensure my lovely queen stayed in her lovely hive. I knew as soon […]

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May 13 2012

What I actually did

On Saturday, I basically did the technique for splitting the hive through the part where I have one big, tall hive with the queen excluder. I didn’t actually set up a new hive because Laura was going to take the bees. I carefully brushed every bee down into my “chimney” and look 3-4 times on […]

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May 13 2012

Lessons learned on swarming and splitting

Stay ahead of the curve. If you have a really healthy queen and hive coming out of winter, BE PREPARED and PLAN on splitting your hive early as a swarming prevention measure. Then you can always sell your split hives if you don’t want to keep them.

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May 13 2012

How to split a hive without going to Timbuktoo

The OF’s and the Wiz told me you don’t have to take your hive 3 miles away to split it, like I did last year. They all just keep them right in their yard and follow the process below – which begs the question – why did they tell us last year in class that […]

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May 13 2012

The consequences of doing well

I went to the bee meeting on Friday night (lessons on how to prevent swarming – portentous). I tackled 2 OF’s, one mentor and the Wiz, showed them my pictures of my swarm Queen cells, told them I had 27 frames of brood and no matter how many boxes I put on, she just kept […]

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May 09 2012

Hmmmmm….good news or bad news?

It was supposed to rain today but was instead about 64 and sunny, but slightly windy. The girls were out, however, so at noon I went out to inspect. I wore shorts and a Tshirt that I soaked down, put on a wet do-rag, suited up and headed out with two boxes full of frames […]

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May 06 2012

beautiful day, girls flying

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Even in the morning, when it was only about 43 degrees outside, it was sunny and the girls were already out flying. By the afternoon, it was around 64 and sunny and it was very active around the front of both hives. I really, really wanted to suit up […]

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