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Jun 28 2012

quick sneak peak

I just wanted to take a quick peek this morning to see if there was any honey to pull. They don’t need to be upset by a full inspect. It was sunny yesterday and today and the girls have been in the yard. About 9:45a I suited up and took out to the bee deck […]

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Jun 21 2012

The girls are doing great

It was supposed to be in the 80’s today and I had the day off, so I needed to check up on the girls. My brother in law is a photographer and he wanted to come over and take pics and videos of the girls. So he got here in the morning and about 10am […]

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Jun 16 2012

Girls in the sage

It got sunny today (yeaaaaah!) and the girls were flying about. I have a huge sage bush in the garden that is in full bloom. There must have been 100 fuzzy little girls happily humming and buzzing on the sage. They float around, find a flower they like, land, then shove their head way down […]

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Jun 11 2012

Welcome to the world, Queen Kriger

It was warm today after work and I never know what the weather will be like anymore. So at 4:30p I decided to run out and inspect the hives. Purple Hive There are 7 boxes. I removed one empty shallow box and one empty western box. I left one empty western box on top. So […]

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Jun 10 2012

rotten weather – they’re still alive though

It has been raining straight for 7 days. Not just drizzling, but record breaking rain – for 7 days. So I have not seen a live girl outside their hives in 7 days. Little dead bodies keep getting pushed out the front door, but no girls. Here’s what I’ve been worried about. Last time I […]

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Jun 03 2012

Looking for purple queen

I inspected both hives about 3pm this afternoon. It was perfect weather for an inspection. About 65 degrees, not  windy, sunny but overcast. So it was still bright enough out that I could see the frames but I wasn’t sweating like a pig in my bee suit. I’m pretty sure that it’s still too soon […]

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Jun 01 2012

advice given

So I went to the local farmers market last Wed night and talked to the Wiz who has a booth there selling his honey. I told him that I have 4 queen cells in the hive – two that have been sawn open with the doors hanging open on their hinge and solid white stuff […]

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