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Jul 30 2012

evening with the girls

I like sitting at the bee viewing station in the evening the best. It’s quiet, the sun is going down, there isn’t the high frenzy of activity at the hive as during the sunny, hot day. Most of the girls are coming in from foraging, but there are still a few going out for one […]

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Jul 29 2012

Do we have a problem Houston?

So I looked out at the orange hive yesterday morning and saw little – things – all over the front porch of the hive. Hmmm. I wasn’t sure what they were. It was only 7am and the girls weren’t out yet, but I was leaving for the day at 8am so I thought I better […]

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Jul 25 2012

looking for honey

I went out to inspect the bees honey stores about 10am today and it was already very hot, about 80 degrees. I suited up, soaked down my dew-rag and put it on my head and took out to the bee deck: a box full of western frames drawn out from last year; 2 extra honey […]

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Jul 24 2012

Happy Birthday

This evening I went out to do a “telling the bees”. I whispered to them that today was Amelia Earhart’s birthday, and that she had passed on. She was another strong girl, who worked hard and flew hard right up until the end, and probably died with shredded wings still going full bore just like […]

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Jul 18 2012


Today, the bees were visited by Girl Scout Troop 4321. 7 little girls, 1 baby girl, 4 moms and 4 brothers came over to the apiary to see what all the bees were about and have a picnic. The first thing they all did was take a quick (relative) potty break.Then they put their little […]

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Jul 17 2012

pretty good weather for the girls

It’s been great weather, I think, for making honey. The last three days we had pounding rain, then the sun would come out and it was in the 80’s. When it’s raining, the hives are completely quiet, no movement. Then the minute it stops raining – zing zing zing. They’re shooting out the front door […]

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Jul 15 2012

Full inspection yesterday

I decided to inspect the girls yesterday. They were up and about at 6am but I decided to wait until 8:30am to let more get out of the hive and, after call, how hot could it get at 8:30 in the morning? Hot enough, that’s how hot. I got prepared by taking out 2 extra […]

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Jul 13 2012

Oh what a night

Again a scorcher today, well into the high 90’s. But what a night! I decided to do my blog out by the bees about 8:30pm since it’s finally a balmy 85. So I packed my little pooter out with me to the bee deck and watched the girls coming in for the night. I looked […]

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Jul 09 2012

hanging out on the front porch

It’s been so hot the last two days, 98 and 100 degrees. The girls have been out and about by 6:30am each morning and working late into the evening, last night til about 8:30pm. I noticed yesterday about 6pm there were a lot of them just sitting out on the front porch, probably about 50. […]

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Jul 05 2012

what a great garden these girls have

It was supposed to get up in the high 80’s today so I went out at about 11am to inspect the hives. I wanted to see if there was any extra honey yet to pull off the hives. I took out a purple and orange honey box (shallow) in case I needed them, some extra […]

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