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Aug 26 2012

VSD – be Gone!

I was relaxing in at the bee viewing station, in my comfy overstuffed chair, reading a book – on bees (Fruitless Fall – a good one), eating chocolate mousse and drinking ice tea. How much better could it get? Then I started looking carefully beneath both hives. There were about 25 wasps/hornets gathered under each […]

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Aug 25 2012

Kind of bass akward

I decided to inspect my bees yesterday about 1:45pm as it was really pleasant out, about 74 degrees and sunny. I was going to: 1.  Inspect 2.  Pull honey 3.  Do a mite count 4.  Do mite treatment via powdered sugar shake 5.  Put a queen excluder on either hive that was actually filling up […]

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Aug 18 2012

very brief inspection

I needed to swap drone frames and see if the girls are making me any honey yet, but it was blistering hot today. So I waited until about 6pm to go out and do a very brief inspection. It was still really hot, so I wet down my T and my dew-rag. I got the […]

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Aug 14 2012

girls are hot

It’s been very hot for quite a while and for several days now, still at night – 8pm tonight – the purple hive exhibits bearding behaviour outside the hive. This is supposed to be them getting outside to cool down. I have two pics here. One of the purple hive. This is what they’ve looked […]

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Aug 11 2012

Double reward

OKOKOKOKOKOK I just have to scream it out – I SAW BOTH QUEENS! Now I can start at the beginning. I ran to the bee shop and bought another smoker since the bottom screen in mine is rotted out. This way I have two smokers. I then went out to inspect the bees about 10am. […]

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Aug 08 2012

trying not to peek or disturb

The last two years, I thought the hardest season was winter. 4-5 months where I never saw a bee, could never take a peek, going out and clearing away the snow and feeling the sides of the hive or having my brother shoot it with his infrared device to make sure they’re still alive – […]

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Aug 04 2012

not much honey out there

I decided to do not a real full blown inspection since it’s only been a week, but I wanted to see if there was any new honey to be pulled. I went out at 9:15am suited up with my wet d0-rag. I took out an empty tote for all the honey (I’m a hopeful person) […]

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