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Sep 30 2012

Communing with the girls

About 2:30pm it was warm and sunny, low 70’s, so I went out to inspect the bees. I brought up a big tote that had 2 extracted frames that had been scraped bare of wax but are covered in honey. I took out 2 gallons of 2:1 syrup with HBH. I suited up, got the […]

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Sep 29 2012

Girls must be thirsty

I went out and just watched the girls at work for a little while this afternoon. It was sunny and in the 70’s. They’re busy little bees, out in the air, around the front of the hive, mostly zipping in and out. I’m not sure what they’re foraging on. It’s so very dry and every […]

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Sep 29 2012

still feeding the girls

Yesterday, about 3pm it was in the mid 70’s so I got ready to feed the girls. I made them each a gallon of 2:1 syrup with HBH in it. I went out, suited up, put my wet do-rag on and took the food out to the deck. They were pretty busy. Not like a […]

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Sep 24 2012

mommy’s back

I got back from the coast yesterday late afternoon. I brought back with me some of the local honey called Haystack Honey from Beach Bees. So we’ll see how Oregon coast honey tastes compared to my girls. About 4:30p I whipped up a quick batch of warm 2:1 syrup with 2 tsp of HBH and […]

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Sep 19 2012

bye bye girlies take care

I went out last night about 6pm to feed the girls as it was still warm. They seem pretty happy and snug to be sitting right next to each other in their houses. They were still very gentle with me opening the hives even when nearly all the girls were at home and settling in […]

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Sep 16 2012

boy are they confused

It got to 80 today so about 3pm I went out to feed, inspect and rearrange the girls on the deck getting ready for winter. I took the 2 gallons of 2:1 syrup, each with 2 tsp HBH, out on the deck first and laid out my digital recorder, camera and measuring tape.  Then I […]

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Sep 15 2012

the nose knows

Feeding Last evening, at about 6pm, the girls were still quite active so I quickly whipped up a batch of 2:1 syrup, 2 gallons and headed out to feed them if necessary. I suited up, very gently smoked them and popped the top on purple first and then orange. They continue to have 2 very […]

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Sep 11 2012

my girls are so sweet

I went out about 6:30pm to feed the girls. The sun is already behind the trees, the hive is shaded and there is nary a bee seen anywhere as they’re all shut down in the hive. It was about 60 degrees. So I thought, they’re going to be gruuuumpy. I went out in my suit, […]

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Sep 10 2012

sweet sweet bounty

HB and I bottled up the honey tonight. I sterilized a hodge podge of jars and their lids. And I had bought some of the cutest tiny little plastic honey bears from the supply house that only hold 2 ounces of honey. I pre-weighed each size of empty jar and lids and cataloged them. We […]

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Sep 09 2012

spinning wheel, got to go round

Today was honey extraction day. I left 3 frames full of capped honey in the freezer for the honey bank. I took 11 frames to extract, some of which were very heavy and bulging with honey. HB first set up the extractor and locked it down securely. He sealed up the 2nd door in the […]

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