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Oct 18 2012

winter ready

We have had unseasonably warm and sunny days for the past 2 days. Prior to that were 2 days of rain. I’m assuming the rain brought out some pollen and nectar and fall blooming flowers, although I’m not sure what those would be. I sure don’t have many, except a few asters. I did see […]

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Oct 14 2012

surviving the fall weather

The girls are still doing well. The nights have been down in the high 30’s, sometimes higher, and the days have been sunny and warm, in the low 60’s. So whenever it’s been sunny, the girls are still out and about. They are not nearly as active as the summer, but there are constantly the […]

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Oct 08 2012

Added back a story

Yesterday afternoon I went ahead and added back a 5th box to the purple hive. I took a western box, cleaned it really good by scraping off all the wax and propolis, then filled it with 8 western frames from the freezer that don’t have food, but were gooey with honey and scraped off wax […]

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Oct 07 2012

a little too crowded?

Well, now that I got the bees all down to 4 boxes each, I’m a little worried about the purple hive. It was sunny yesterday and the bees were active. My sis in law pointed out that the purple hive had a LOT more bees gathered around the opening, piled up coming in and out […]

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Oct 04 2012

tucking in for Fall

It was cold today when I got home from work about 5pm. It was about 60 degrees, but it has been windy all day and there is a crisp chill in the air. I knew I needed to get the syrup out of the hive since it’s supposed to be down to 33 tonight. I […]

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