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Nov 25 2012

happy girls celebrate

Yesterday, dear boy (the bees godfather) was in town and came to visit. The sun came out and it warmed up a bit. Here was dear boy sitting in the living room on one side of the wall and the beehives¬† directly behind him on the other side of the wall and some bees burst […]

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Nov 22 2012

checking in on the girls

It has been very cold, especially at night and the girls are entirely tucked in and shivering in their hives. Yesterday, I went out to see if I needed to clean off the deck. There were about 200 dead bees on the deck in front of the hives. I had noticed earlier in the day […]

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Nov 07 2012

hive re-winterizing, girls out and about

On Sunday, it was sunny and warm outside, nearly 60 (unseasonable).¬† My idea for taping the roofing paper to the hives for winter clearly didn’t work. All of the tar paper was pulling away and falling down off the hives. So HB went and got his electric staple gun and a cord and some staples. […]

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Nov 01 2012

quick – run go poo

It’s been very cold or rainy for a couple of weeks. But on Monday, it was up to around 60 and sunny, and again yesterday and today. As soon as it hit about 55 degrees – zooooooom. Out the girls came shooting from the hive. Bees won’t poo or pee in their hive. So they […]

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