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Feb 14 2013

little peek on a sunny day

Yesterday afternoon, about 2pm, it was really sunny and the temperature said it was 45, although stepping outside seemed colder. I looked out and the girls were REALLY flying. So I decided to take a peek. I went out and fully suited up, assuming they’ll be a little cranky after being cooped up all winter. […]

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Feb 06 2013

Flying in the sun

It got very sunny today, currently about 42 degrees, even though there’s still snow on the raised beds and in the shady areas of the yard. But a few brave girls are out zipping in and out of the hive in the sunshine. I still think it’s way to cold to take even a quick […]

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Feb 04 2013

getting ready for spring

HB and I put together a whole set of 5 8-frame western boxes today, including the screened bottom board and the insulated cover and lid. I painted the bottom board and lid light purple and all the boxes are shades of bright greens. If my bees do well this spring and decide to expand, I’ll […]

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Feb 02 2013


Yesterday it got up to about 38 (pretty good since it’s been freezing for so long). The sun was really shining a lot and I’m assuming it heated up the black tar paper on the hive. About 1:30pm I was looking out the window and I saw – GIRLS FLYING!! They weren’t zipping at a […]

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