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Mar 30 2013

The first big day of the year

So today was it, the first regular full inspection of the year. I was so excited. It was sunny and downright warm. I had decided to go out and inspect at 1pm since I knew it’d take a little longer than usual, being the first inspection. And I didn’t want to get caught with the […]

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Mar 24 2013

nice spring day

It got up to about 46 today and was very sunny. About 3pm I went outside and again filled up the Red Flyer bee watering station. There were about 30 bees in the wagon before I filled it up. When the water rises, they start buzzing loudly and sort of drift up out of the […]

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Mar 22 2013

working hard in the cold

It was very cold today, snowing twice and now it’s snowing sideways. The weather says it got up to 41 but I was out there and I don’t believe it. However it was very sunny for quite awhile and my bees actually went flying about outside. When I went out to get the mail, I […]

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Mar 17 2013

Mites, water, weather and yakking

Yesterday I went up to the bee supply place about 9:15am. It’s so great to be back in bee season and out of the winter. The bee house was just humming. Lots of new equipment, crowded with people, beehives in the front of the house on the river were flying. There was a steady stream […]

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Mar 14 2013

still lots of food – MITES!

So about 1pm it was 61 degrees and very calm and the girls were out a’flyin. Yesterday, HB brought up a tote with the 6 frozen frames of honey from the honey bank and the 2 frozen drone mite trap frames. They’ve been in the house overnight to thaw out. I wanted to have them […]

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Mar 11 2013

Pollen and Babies

It’s about 48 out right now and very sunny, hardly any breeze. The girls are out flying like crazy. I was not sure there’s any pollen to gather. Then I went in the front yard and found crocuses that have bloomed (they were just buds yesterday). You can see on the stamens there’s pollen. I […]

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Mar 11 2013

Is it OK to get excited about bee poo?

So yesterday was not too warm (about 42) and sunny. The girls got to flying around 2pm. I was watching them and they’re not slow, but their now zipping rocket like from the hive, in a straight line up and into the sun or up and over the yard with purpose like they are during […]

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Mar 02 2013

Class lessons

On any day in the winter that it gets up to at least 40, the sun is out shining and there’s not wind (all three), the bees may break cluster and fly. If you see the hive start to fly by 10am, it’s probably a large cluster. If they don’t start flying until 2pm, it’s […]

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Mar 02 2013

mini-check & girls be flyin’

It got up to 52 degrees out today about 2:30pm. It was not sunny, but gray and overcast. It wasn’t windy.  I could see the girls out flying so I decided to take a peek and see how they were doing – just a mini-check, not a hive inspection. It’s supposed to get colder tomorrow […]

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