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May 31 2013

girls in the peonies

It was sunny and mild today, about 65, and the girls were as busy as…..well……bees. The peonies just opened for the first time today. The bees LOVE LOVE LOVE the peonies because they middle of them is like this gigantic furball of pollen. You can take the peony blossom and barely shake it and it […]

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May 29 2013

Quick drone trap and peek at hives

So it’s about 55, raining off and on all day, not windy. The bees are not out of the hives in droves, just one or two flying out. But I want to look at the drone traps in the purple and orange hives. So I suited up when it wasn’t raining and ran out there […]

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May 27 2013


I’m adding a new category to keep track of useful data and reference materials. Sometimes I need to remember things from last year or things that are permanent references or calculations previously made and I can’t find where I referenced them. So this will be the new category. 8 frame Western hive vs. 10 frame […]

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May 26 2013

Frikkin’ frakken little $#!%’s

So today it was about 65 at 12:30pm and I decided to go out and inspect the hives a few days earlier than planned because I was bored and I wanted to take a peek. I grabbed my camera (which I forgot to use), my recorder, and went out and suited up. I took out […]

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May 25 2013

Girls only

We had a girls only tea party in the garden today about 11:30am. 5 neighbor ladies, Arf (trusty girl Newfie) and I imagine about 90,000 bees. The weather was sunny and about 65 so it was perfect. We had high tea at colored bistro tables set out in the garden. The girls (bees) were on […]

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May 21 2013

Uppity bees

Well, the girls are now officially TV stars. Today, at 4:45am, one of the local TV stations came to do their live morning show segment at our little apiary to cover backyard beekeeping. It was barely light when they showed up. I was feeling a little woozy and throw-uppy because I got up 2 hours […]

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May 21 2013

super mini-inspection Monday – Queen Nydag reigns!

Monday it was very sunny and I wanted to see if the green hive had managed to get their queen out of her cage yet. So I suited up and got the smoker running for just a 5 minute inspection. I opened the marshmallow hole for the queen in the new split green hive on […]

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May 18 2013

Detective work, mystery solved, lesson learned

In the last post I mentioned that in the orange hive, I found two frames and about a dozen bees entirely dusted with fine reddish-orange powdery pollen. I thought this was a little odd since pollen usually sticks in little clumps. But these girls and the entire half of two frames were just finely coated. […]

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May 18 2013

Bee & Queen inspection – hmmmmm

Yesterday, about 1pm it was 67 degrees, mixed sunny and cloudy, but no wind so I went out to see how my queen introductions and rearing were going. I decided to start with the green hive and Queen Nydag since this is the split and they seemed most amenable to their new queen, then move […]

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May 14 2013

Cooler weather and the bees are out

This is going to be perfect for the veggie garden and the flowers. Sun, sun, showers – sun, sun, showers – repeat. The chives burst open today, my irises started blooming, the Basket-of-gold alyssum is beautiful, candytuft and the Purge are blossoming and both the Columbine and Borage started to bloom today. And the bees […]

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