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Jun 29 2013

volatile and hot weather

The weather was ridiculous today. It was hot and muggy, started of at 5am with a loud bang, thunder and lightning and drenching rain, then the sun came out and it got hotter and muggier, than thunder and lightning and rain, sun, thunder rain, yadda yadda yadda. The bees just kept coming out, then staying […]

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Jun 27 2013

getting hot out there

So it got up to about 78 today and very sunny and I noticed that on the front of the new combined hive, there was a lot of “bearding” going on. That’s when the bees cover the front of the hive by the door and down over the front porch, so it looks like the […]

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Jun 26 2013

The deed is done

Well, that didn’t go nearly as smoothly as it looked like on youtube. About 3pm I went out to do the combining of the weak orange hive and the newly expanding green hive. It was about 72 degrees and overcast. I took out to the bee deck: camera, digital recorder, big tub with lid, honey […]

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Jun 24 2013

closer, closer, closer

I ran out in the rain about 6pm, just threw on HB’s giant bee jacket and a pair of gloves, went out on the bee deck and shoved and pulled the front of the green hive around another 45 degrees. It’s now about 12 inches to the east of where it was yesterday, and it’s […]

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Jun 23 2013

New hive configuration

So this morning it was quite warm and about 10am I headed out to start the process going of combining my weak, queenless, orange, spineless, brain-dead , worthless…….. I digress. Combining my orange hive with the green hive. I took all the boxes off in reverse order of the orange hive and set them on […]

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Jun 22 2013

Big inspection – stupid orange hive

So, big inspection today. It rained for 6 days straight so I’ve been waiting to get into the orange hive and see whether their virgin/mated queen finally got stimulated to start laying because I put in a frame with fresh eggs, or if they made a queen cell because there was no queen. Also, the […]

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Jun 21 2013

Rain rain go away

The poor girls have been cooped up in their houses for 5 days now. It has rained and rained and rained. Then it POURED rain. We got an inch in one day. Today, for the first time about noon, it stopped drizzling and the sun came out. Just like that – BAM – the girls […]

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Jun 17 2013

Quickie hive management

The evening news says it’s supposed to start raining and rain for the next 5 days so about 6pm I decided I’d better get out there and pull the drone trap frame before this happens. I went out, suited up, and noticed that the bees were all over the front of the purple hive, which […]

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Jun 15 2013

Now why didn’t I think of that?

So I went up to the bee house to see the Wiz. Luckily, one of the OF’s (papa bear) was there, too. So I had about a century of experience. I gave them my data for the orange hive, the dates and what I had found that morning. They said that it hadn’t been good […]

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Jun 15 2013

We’re off to see the Wizard…..

So I went out at 9am this morning since it was already warm but not too hot, high today got to 78 degrees, and it was sunny without any breezes. I got my camera, digital recorder, something to put wax in, made a new batch of 1 cup of 1:1 sugar syrup with a teaspoon […]

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