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Jul 31 2013

Beyond my experience

So I decided I needed to go out and see if how my “great experiment” was working putting the wild hive in the top of the hive. My intent was to give the queen up in that wild hive an opportunity to go down and lay in the rest of the hive. Not so much. […]

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Jul 29 2013

Notes on extracting honey

So I had someone take some video showing our process of extracting honey.  They’ll do a lot of the explaining just as they are. I store my honey frames as I pull them off the hive, in empty western boxes, then inside large black rubbermaid totes. They’re in the basement where it’s about 50 degrees […]

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Jul 27 2013

Dem bees be crazy

OK, so this has been a weird 2 days. I’ll recap what happened, with lots of pictures, my consultation with the Queen Bee and Laurie from the bee supply house and what I did about this bizarre situation. I have decided that it’s worth it to use this situation as an experiment in bee science […]

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Jul 25 2013

Oh you sweet, sweet little bugs, you

We’ll yesterday late afternoon was the big night. HONEY EXTRACTING! 3pm my friend showed up to help. HB and nephew had already installed a screen door between the honey shed  and the garden shed (it’s usually just an opening), installed the fan in the  west window, and duct taped shut the roof vents on both […]

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Jul 23 2013

It’s so exciting

I’m so excited for tomorrow, I can hardly stand it. EXTRACTING HONEY! So today, it was 96 degrees and it’s supposed to be as hot or hotter tomorrow. The bee shed is under the trees and the west side is shaded so it was a cool 85 in there today. I took apart the stainless […]

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Jul 21 2013

Good news on the honey front

So I asked Bee mentor about the situation with my girls not capping off their honey. He said that’s because the nectar flow is heavy so the girls are just bringing in the nectar as fast as they can. Once the nectar flow slows or stops, they’ll go around and finish off all the honey, […]

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Jul 20 2013

Tons and tons of honey

It’s was supposed to be a scorcher today (at it was – it got up to 94 and it’s still 92 out there right now at 8:08 at night), so I wanted to get in the hives early since I knew it was going to take quite some time. So I headed out to the […]

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Jul 14 2013

The girls wonderland

So not much on the bee blog about bees today. It was just a lovely, sunny, warm day and the girls and I were both enjoying the day. My HB is the only male on the property (me, our trusty ol’ girl Newfie and 60,000 girls – we don’t count drones) and he’s made this […]

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Jul 13 2013

girls welcome visitors in their garden

The weather was beautiful today, with a high of 79, sunny, no wind. I went out into the garden to work and got distracted watching all the girls enjoying the garden. They were in the lavender and the alyssum. They’ve obviously been in the zucchini because I have baby zucchinis growing. But the oregano – […]

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Jul 11 2013

C’mon girls, gimme some sugar

So it’s been super hard keeping my hands off the hives for the last several days. But I know I should leave the green hive alone since they’re busy trying to make a queen. Honestly, the only thing that’s kept me from digging in there and peeking is the fear that I’d ruin the queen […]

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