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Aug 31 2013

Big Lots inspection today

So today my goals were to inspect only the purple hive and: swap out cleaned boxes for gunky boxes do a mite check feed the girls HBH count honey frames And that’s just what I did. I headed out to the bee deck about 8:30am, it was 62 degrees and the deck was still in […]

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Aug 29 2013

Skimpy garden goods

Forage in my garden is getting a little skimpy for the girls.I’ve been slowly tearing out all the stuff that’s done after harvesting or needs to go, like the cucumbers and pickling cukes, cabbages, etc. About the only thing left for the girls are the zinnia, which they love, still a little bit of the […]

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Aug 25 2013

Purple hive doing well

On Saturday morning, about 9:30am it was 65 degrees so I decided to go out and inspect my purple hive. I wanted to be able to take the same leisurely time that I did with the green hive. It wasn’t absolutely baking out and I had the time to spend. I took out my camera, […]

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Aug 22 2013

Well well well, hello green hive

I went out at 9am today to inspect the hives. It was only 62 degrees (got up to 88) and I figured since it wasn’t cooking out yet, I’d take plenty to of time and just enjoy my girls. I took out 2 extra boxes for sorting, along with a lot of bare frames. I […]

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Aug 20 2013

relaxing out on the front porch

Well, at 8pm tonight I didn’t think it was too hot, but it got up to 85 today and apparently the bees thought it got hot. I found a lot of them sitting out on their front porch at 8pm, “bearding” which is supposed to mean they’re sitting outside to cool off. Here’s a pic […]

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Aug 17 2013

A hot day in the garden for the girls and visitor

It’s 88 degrees right now, very sunny, and the good news is that for the next 8 days, it’s supposed to be cooler – which means instead of every day in the mid 90’s like it has been for two weeks, it’s going to hit 88 and 89 each day. The girls are busy flying […]

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Aug 14 2013

Oh you crazy green hive…..

So I went out to do an inspection of the hives yesterday morning at 8am because it was already sunny and 73 degrees. I took out extra boxes and extra frames, along with several frames that were drawn out and cleaned out after extracting. This time, I put two rubber bands around my ankles outside […]

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Aug 12 2013

girls love their zinnias

Today was still really hot, it got in the low 90’s. It’s just been days and days and days now that it’s been nearly 90 or above 90. It’s just so hot, I’ll realize it’s been 2 or 3 days and I haven’t even gotten out in the yard or garden to enjoy it just […]

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Aug 06 2013

Aaaaah I’m hit! Man down, man down!

Well, that was certainly interesting. I decide to find out what the green hive was up to with it’s grafted chunks of wild hive, it’s queen cell, it’s other queen, and just…..whatever. I took out a couple of spare boxes for sorting, put on my suit, got the smoker going good and started at the […]

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Aug 06 2013

You go, Kriger

Yesterday about 4pm it was 86 degrees and I was working in the garden, kept stealing glances at the bee deck thinking “OK, I’ll wait til tomorrow to inspect” and then I decided I was just going to jump right out there and look at least at the purple hive since they hadn’t been inspected […]

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