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Sep 27 2013

fed the girls

It was pretty chilly today but the girls, I’m sure, needed more food. So about 10am, it was 50 degrees and kind of windy. But I went out to the bee deck with just HB’s big bee jacket on and some gloves, smoked the two hives at the door and under the lids. Some of […]

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Sep 23 2013

Quick food on a chilly day

It was pretty chilly today and the wind was blowing so the girls were only venturing out one at a time. But I knew they probably needed some extra food so I made up a couple gallons of 2:1 syrup without any HBH – I think they have plenty of that in the hive already. […]

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Sep 20 2013

Sunny day, big inspection

So it was supposed to get up to about 84 today, the last sunny day for a week. I went out about 10:30am to inspect the hives. I probably should have headed out an hour earlier because by the time I got done, I was really sweaty and really hot. It took me a little […]

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Sep 19 2013

Girls in the fall garden

The girls were out today in the garden. It was about 72 but you could feel the crisp fall chill at the edges. It’s getting pretty cool at night, too. There were girls all over anything blooming. Sometimes 2 and 3 girls on the same flower, which I never see in the summer. It’s like […]

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Sep 18 2013

9/17/13 feeding

I forgot to post yesterday. Yesterday, about 3pm it started to get pretty blustery, gray and windy. So I decided I’d better get out there and feed the girls before another couple of days of rain settled in. I made up a couple quick gallons of 2:1 syrup with 2 tsp each of HBH. Then […]

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Sep 15 2013

Quick feed

It’s 87 degrees at 3:30pm. Still way hotter than usual for this time of year. But we’re supposed to have a big change in weather tonight, possibly thunderstorms. So I decided to get out there and feed the girls to make sure they have food if they have to stay indoors for a few days. […]

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Sep 13 2013

very hot days

Yesterday we tied a record for the hottest on this date and today we’re supposed to beat the record. It’s just been blistering ho t, in the 90’s, halfway into September. So about 9:30am I went out and suited up while the bee deck was still just a little in the shade and took out […]

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Sep 10 2013

inspection & feeding

So today I went out to inspect the blue hive about 10:30am. It got up to 85 today and it was already hot out there. I took out 3 clean boxes to sort and replace and I took out 2 gallons of 2:1 syrup with 3 tsp each of HBH. Blue Hive The bees were […]

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Sep 10 2013

Sept 9, VSD’s, entrace reducers and checking the new queen

I couldn’t post this last night because youtube was having problems. So this is for Monday, Sept 9. I decided to go out this morning early, when the girls were mostly sleeping, about 6:45am when it was still 56 degrees to put on the entrance reducers so I wasn’t working on the front of the […]

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Sep 08 2013

VSD’s are out full force

The yellow jackets have just exploded in the last two weeks. I worked at the beekeepers booth at the county fair yesterday and we kept hearing reports all day of people being stung by yellow jackets at the fair. At home, they are everywhere. You go outside, you continually swat at your face to keep […]

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