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Nov 19 2013

Strange Chinook winds brewing

So it’s been pretty freezing here, down to between 26 and 32 at night. It was 22 last night and supposed to be 16 degrees tomorrow night, 26 tonight. This morning, HB and I needed to get outside and put some leaves in our clean green bin before the snow flies and before the trucks […]

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Nov 15 2013

purty dang cold

We winterized the bees just in time. It’s been getting pretty cold here. It’s freezing (like, actually freezing, 32 degrees) out right now and we’re supposed to get snow overnight and tomorrow. My desktop on my computers (plural) are rotating pics every 30 seconds of my garden and the girls. I have a couple of […]

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Nov 12 2013

Winterizing the girls

Yesterday, it got up to 50 degrees and was sunny and calm. The girls were out flying as early as 11am. So about 2pm I decided to go winterize the hives and take one last quick peek. I took out to the bee deck all the pieces of insulation, the black roofing paper, the camera […]

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Nov 06 2013

winter snuck up on us

Well suddenly it’s winter. Yesterday we woke up to absolutely beautiful big fat snowflakes falling in a furry outside. And they just kept coming and coming. By about 11am we had a good 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and on the trees – and on top of the hives and the bee deck. […]

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Nov 02 2013

chilly and windy weather

I’ve been out of town for a week. But HB said that on Wed it was sunny, although cold, in the 40’s and from about 11-3pm, while it was sunny, the girls were out flying furiously. We’ve gotten into real fall/winter weather. All the leaves dropped off the trees in the week I was gone. […]

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