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Mar 23 2014

it’s finally spring

I can finally say it’s officially spring. It was 52 today and very sunny, with no wind. The girls were going crazy out there. HB kept commenting on how they usually look so determined, leaving the hive and shooting straight up into the sky and out over the yard. But today it’s just a jumble […]

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Mar 22 2014

Girls are hummmmmming

It got pretty sunny today around 1pm and it got up to 50. This morning it was 24 degrees out when I got up and when we left the house at 8am the car windows had to be scraped. But in the afternoon the sun came out and so did the girls. They were flying […]

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Mar 17 2014

Rookie mistake

It only got up to about 45 today but it suddenly got really sunny so I decided to run outside and check out the blue hive and get any brood and food together. I suited up, took out two boxes of honey from the orange hive in case I needed it, and went out to […]

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Mar 16 2014

Winter Kill

So I went to the bee meeting on Friday and took my pictures and talked to a few of the OF’s and the Queen Bee. They said this was a classic starvation tale. The girls have their heads in the cells, butts out, all in a tightly packed area of the cluster. They said if […]

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Mar 09 2014

I kind of suspected this

Today it got up to 57 degrees and was very sunny. I was extremely busy, didn’t get home from church and errands until about 2:30p and had to leave at 3:30p to go take my nephews out for their birthday. But about 3pm it got super sunny, so I looked outside and saw bees flying. […]

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Mar 09 2014


So yesterday it got up to 49 degrees. It felt warm for about 10 minutes, but it was very overcast and a chilly little wind kept coming up. I saw girls darting out of the hive and went out on the bee deck to watch them and decide if I should pop the tops and […]

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Mar 04 2014

Weather sucks

Snow snow snow. 2 inches, 3 inches, 5 inches. More snow. Freeze freeze freeze – single digits, crunchy snow and ice. Snow snow snow. Now pouring rain – rain rain rain, for the next many days. Sigh – I wanna see the bees.

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