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Apr 29 2014

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit…..

Yesterday was semi-warm, got up to about 54 degrees. The sun would shine brightly and it would be nice and warm, then a huge cloud would cover the sun and it got cold real fast. Finally, about 2:30p the sun came out and I didn’t see any other clouds nearby so I decided to run […]

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Apr 19 2014

Checking for queen activity again

It was quite warm today, sunny, 64 degrees and calm with blue skies and little white puffs of clouds. The bees from the orange hive were all out in the garden and the flowering pear tree is in full bloom and just full of bees. The dandelions are also popping out and the girls just […]

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Apr 16 2014

Desperately seeking Innlose

It was warm yesterday so I decided to see how the new package was getting along and if they had released their queen yet. I suited up, smoked the front of the hive just a little and popped the top. The hive is really full of bees. They’ve already eaten through a couple frames of […]

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Apr 12 2014

The new girls have moved into the neighborhood

So today was sunny and chilly about 7am, but by 9am it was nice and warm. Today is “bee day” – when the big semi truck arrives at the bee supply store to deliver all of the bee packages for everyone who ordered them. This year, there were over 800 packages ordered. I had emailed […]

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Apr 06 2014

what a gorgeous day

So this was the first truly wonderful spring day that held the promise of a real summer. The weather says it got up to 62 but it was so sunny and warm I was working in the garden in my tank top and feeling plenty warm. It was actually balmy – like a soft, touchable […]

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Apr 01 2014

First inspection of spring

So today it got up to about 58 degrees, very sunny and mild without wind. At 2pm I decided to go out and do my first real full blown inspection of the only hive left, the blue hive. I went out and was walking around in my garden and walked right by the new weeping […]

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