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May 31 2014

Why aren’t you stronger?

Today it was 64 degrees at 10am so I went out to inspect the hives. Turns out that’s about an hour later than I should have. It just gets so hot and sweaty in that bee suit. I end up dripping sweat off my face and head profusely as I bend over the hives, the […]

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May 25 2014

No splitting yet

It was nice and warm so I decided to inspect the girls about 10am before it got too hot – this was yesterday, Saturday. I suited up and got my equipment out there. It’s sure a lot nicer just to walk onto the new, solid feeling bee deck, just a few short steps from my […]

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May 19 2014

pictures posted late

So I got IPhoto working (thank you BB – big brother) and I’ve now updated the Saturday blog with pictures.

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May 18 2014

Inspection after the new move

So Saturday was nice and warm, about 75. It was already warm and sunny by 10am. The girls were flying out all sides of the front doors around their plywood obstacles and getting out into the sunshine. They’re so cute on their new bee deck – colorful, polka dot hives sitting on big hexagonal bee […]

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May 18 2014

Moving day for the girls

Well, Friday night was a bit stormy, overcast, with dark ominous clouds and a little wind, anticipating a storm. So it was the perfect time to move the bees. We had a big family party so after the party, lots of my family came over to do a group move to the new bee deck. […]

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May 12 2014

Beautiful spring days for the girls

It was just beautiful out yesterday, warm and sunny, about 65 degrees, a very slight wind. The girls were active. The whole neighborhood is in bloom – tulips, chestnut trees, flowering trees. Our yard is in bloom with euphorbia, candytuft, forsythia, lilacs, flowering cherry, dogwood, solomon’s seal, periwinkle and more. The veggie garden has been […]

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May 03 2014

quick peek to find Opprettet

It was 66 and warm at 5pm and not too windy. It’s supposed to rain and be windy on and off for the next few days so I figured I’d take the opportunity to have a quick peek. It’s a little harder to do an inspection right now. I have to kind of haul myself […]

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May 02 2014

The girls are active on a hot day

It got up to 80 today, very sunny and hot on the bee deck – or what’s left of the bee deck. The girls have just a little under half of what they used to have. We’ve put up a large 4 X 8 sheet of wood to try and keep them from darting directly […]

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