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Jun 24 2014

Have at ‘er, girls

It was cloudy and overcast, but about 60 degrees and not raining, so about 1:30pm I popped outside to get the new queen ready for her new home in hive blue. I suited up since there were not too many girls out and about, which means they were all in the hive and may be […]

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Jun 21 2014

As yet unnamed Queen installed

So I actually waited about 3 hours before I decided to go install the new queen in the hive. I again suited up, got the smoker going with just a few pine shavings, quickly took all the boxes off the hive except the bottom box. Smoked just a little. Then I separated two of the […]

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Jun 21 2014

Spock was right – but when isn’t he?

So I went up to the bee supply place, with HB and the girls new big brother, Juju. He’s a Newfie, like Arf, but he’s a landseer, a boy and weighs in at 173. He came through the Newfie Rescue Society and is 3 years old. I told the bees they had a new guardian/big […]

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Jun 21 2014

Weird crazy freaky girls

Yesterday, Friday, it was 61 degrees at 10am so I went out to do a full inspection. I needed to see if the orange hive had made itself a queen or if I needed to go get one, and I needed to see if Queen Opprettet was still just poking along at a less than […]

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Jun 13 2014

Misery loves company

So Queen Bee got back to my on my inquiry about my hive in which Queen Innløse seems to be extinct. The good news is – IT WASN’T MY FAULT! That’s always a relief. She’s been doing this years and years in her backyard and she said this year she bought a package of bees […]

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Jun 09 2014

Oh brother…what’s up now?

So I went out about 9:30am, to beat the heat better than last time (should have gone out at 8:30am – still way to sweaty hot). I got my camera, the bin for gathering extraneous wax, my 3 buckets that have all my equipment, pine shavings and burlap, a couple empty boxes for sorting frames. […]

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