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Jul 27 2014

It’s so hard to wait

So last weekend I inspected the two hives and saw the Queen H├ąper and the other hive which had a busted out queen cell but who know if they have a queen. You’re supposed to leave bees alone for at least 2 weeks after they have a new queen. This is the very hardest thing […]

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Jul 27 2014

The culmination of the whole venture

Saturday was extraction day. Aaaaaaaah. The big event that every beekeeper waits all year for. Before I get into the details, first some ruminations. My “beekeeping style” is not for honey production. I decided my beekeeping style was going to be trying to do my little part to help the bees survive, hopefully pollinate my […]

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Jul 20 2014

Inspection for both queens

This is regarding my inspection on Saturday, July 19. I decided to get an early jump and got out to inspect the bees at 8am, which was a good idea. It wasn’t nearly as sweaty. The girls weren’t really out and about a lot, but they weren’t grumpy, the sun was up and it was […]

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Jul 12 2014

Sigh – I just have no idea what they’re up to

So I decided to inspect the hives early. It was 73 degrees at 8:30am and was supposed to get to 99 today. And since I planned on pulling honey and looking to see how the newly installed queens were doing, I knew it would be a long inspection. I got all prepared and took out: […]

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Jul 12 2014

Still learning about bees

I went to the bee meeting last night – it was just packed, there must have been at least 100 people there, with lots of newbie beekeepers, first year students. I still learn stuff every time. Things I learned this time: pull all your honey you’re going to pull off the hives by mid to […]

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Jul 08 2014

Release the Kraken!

So about 7pm tonight, I quickly put on my bee suit, got my smoker and hive tool and one little piece of burlap and went out to the bee deck to check on and release the new queen in the orange hive. I smoked a little at the front door and under the lid, then […]

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Jul 06 2014

Hmmmmmmmmm….. and Aaaahaaaaaaa….

Yesterday was destined to be a hottie, in the high 80’s, so I decided to get out there by 9am to inspect the hives. None to soon – an hour long inspection and the last half was sweaty. I used to tie a wet do-rag on my head to cool myself down, but I discovered […]

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