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Sep 21 2014

I’m home, Lucy

Well, I got home from a long week away working. The girls appeared really busy outside the hive. So last night I made up two gallons of 2:1 syrup and this morning about 7am I went out, put on a jacket/hood and gloves and really quickly popped each top. Both hives had quit a bit […]

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Sep 13 2014

checking for food stores

It was a lovely, sunny afternoon today, so about 2pm it was 75 degrees and I decided to do a check on the girls for food stores. I suited up, got a couple of sorting boxes and started the smoker going out on the bee deck. Blue Hive The girls were active around the front […]

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Sep 06 2014

Feeding the healthy girls

I hadn’t put food in the bees during the week because there were 3 mornings when it was drizzling and one day where it just poured rain, hard. So yesterday morning, Friday Sep 5, about 7:15am before the girls and the VSD’s were awake, I went out, put on the bee jacket, boots and gloves, […]

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Sep 01 2014

looking for mites

So today’s inspection was all about checking for mites going into the fall. If there is a mite load of 5 or more mites per 300 bees (1/2 cup of bees), then I need to treat. It’s about a week long treatment, then you have to check again. I’ve kind of been putting off the […]

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