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Apr 30 2015

quick check of the girls

It got to about 64 today and was sunny, but just a little breezy. However, I decided to go inspect the girls about 2pm because I want to make sure they aren’t getting too crowded or wanting to swarm. I took out a sorting box, and 2 boxes with frames just in case I needed […]

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Apr 18 2015

Mite treatment removed

Yesterday about 2pm when it was nice and warm and sunny, I went out, suited up with my smoker, to remove the mite strips from the Blue and Orange hives. I quickly smoked the front door, then removed the top 3 boxes, removed the two mite strips from the top of the 2nd brood box […]

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Apr 16 2015

Please meet her royal highness

So at about 1pm it was 62 degrees, sunny and mild outside and I decided to go check on the new hive to make sure the queen got out and about. I put on my bee suit, got an extra box with drawn out frames just in case I felt like they needed room, headed […]

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Apr 11 2015


Oooh, I was just driving and something was tickling my nose so I reached up to scratch my nose – and I got a whiff of that amazing, soft smell that is bees – mild honey, sticky propolis and soft yellow wax – must have been on my fingers since I was out in the […]

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Apr 11 2015

Mar 10 inspection, and bee meeting

A day late because, again with the computer – don’t get me started. It was very sunny, 62 degrees, about noon when I decided to inspect the two hives previous to getting my new bee package Saturday. I needed to see if they were already getting laid up too quickly and ready to swarm. I […]

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Apr 07 2015

Enjoying the lovely spring day

Today was still a little cold, but very sunny and the girls were out enjoying the yard. The flowering pear tree is in it’s full glory – completely bloomed out, huge white blossoms, and smelling like, well, a flowering pear, which honestly is kind of stinky. But when I walked by the tree I heard […]

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Apr 06 2015

March 28 full inspection

Well my computer had to go into the shop, then I left town for a week for work, so I couldn’t post this until I got back. This is the log of my Saturday, March 28 inspection. It was a very sunny day, about 1pm and 69 degrees, no wind. The bees were out in […]

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