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May 23 2015

the girls enjoy the garden

Here are some pictures of the girls enjoying the garden today. It was 84 degrees, sunny and calm. And a video of the girls working the blooming sage bush.

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May 17 2015

inspection interruptus

So I started to inspect the bees yesterday afternoon, about 3pm. It was sunny, blue sky, about 72 degrees. I moved out 2 empty boxes for sorting frames; three western boxes with 8 frames in case the bees needed more room; got suited up, got all my equipment out and smoked the blue hive for […]

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May 11 2015

adding room to the new girls

Today was sunny, in the low 70’s and the bees were out and about in force.  There are all sorts of things blooming around here – chestnut trees, dogwoods, flowering cherries, irises, euphorbia, lilacs, tons of flowers in the neighbors gardens. The new yellow hive had a lot of bees around the front door, so […]

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