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Jun 30 2015

hoo boy is it hot

So it was 107 two days ago and the last two days hovering around 99 at our house. There is no end in sight for the next 15 days, with it getting back up into the 100’s by the weekend. The Italian girls are bearding all the time now, especially in late afternoon and into […]

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Jun 20 2015

2 days, 2 peeks and more

On Thursday, it was going to be 89 degrees, so I did an inspection at 9am. My BB (baby brudder) came over to participate.  He and I have invested in the Flow Hive project and he’s going to start beekeeping next spring, so he came over to get into the hive. It was warm and […]

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Jun 13 2015

girls in the garden

Today was sunny, warm (about a high of 80) with blue sky. The girls were out like crazy. All three hives were loud and busy. They were just zooming out of the hives, up into the sky over the bee fence and back in again. With three hives now, the volume of bees up high […]

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Jun 08 2015

June 6 inspection & today

On Saturday, I went out to inspect the hives at 10am, which ended up about an hour too late. It was bloody hot, in the mid 80’s and that’s just to hot to be in a canvas bee suit for a couple of hours. I inspected all three hives completely because I wanted to know […]

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