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Jul 30 2015

Orange Hive inspection

Boy, I’m liking this new schedule of just doing one hive a week a LOT better than doing all three or even two at the same time. It’s so much more relaxed and I don’t get nearly as sweaty. The high today was 96 so I got out in the hives at 9am when it […]

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Jul 24 2015

Blue hive inspection

So today was the day to inspect the Blue Hive¬†with Queen Siste Sjanse. I got out there right at 9am. It said it was 69 degrees, but after 30 minutes in that beesuit, it felt like 85. ¬†HOWEVER, only doing one hive inspection is really great. I just start to really build up a sweat […]

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Jul 21 2015

Girls are enjoying July

So the girls are enjoying July. It finally got a little more “normal” temperature wise – high 80’s up to 90 every once in a while. Still no rain, but I’m watering the gardens like crazy.   The girls were out enjoying the veggies and the zinnias, along with a few friends (grasshoppers, a baby […]

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Jul 16 2015

Yellow hive inspection

So I’ve decided I need to get myself and the girls on a regular schedule. So far, I tend to go out to look at one of the hives, and as long as I’m out there, I end up looking at all three. I end up hot and sweaty and tired and take 2 hours […]

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Jul 13 2015

Honey honey … doo doo doot doot doo doo aaaaah Sugar sugar

Ahhhhh, Honey day! Sunday was sunny and bright. I took the big black tubs with the boxes of honey and set them out in the sun for about 2 hours. Not toooo long or the wax will melt. Then I took them back into the bee shed. LB and his wife came over about 11:30am. […]

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Jul 12 2015

Honey day – I’ll get there yet & Bee classes

HONEY EXTRACTION PLAN A: We’ll the plan was to go to the bee meeting Friday night, reassure myself that I could pull some honey off my two hives without jeopardizing them in case were in for a drought for the next 90 days, then Saturday morning about 9am pull however many boxes of honey off […]

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