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Sep 30 2015

Quick fall check up

Today was going to be very clear and sunny, so at about 11am, when it was 64 degrees, I went out to inspect my one and only hive left – the yellow hive with Queen Frejya. Just in case, I took out a big tote with extra frames of honey and nectar and a box […]

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Sep 14 2015

More honey – the good part of bad news/good news

So Sunday was supposed to be hot like Saturday, around 85. I planned to have a friend and then my Bro and his wife come to help extract about 3pm. Turns out it was overcast and not cold, but certainly not hot. So I set the totes out in the “sun” for about 2 hours […]

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Sep 12 2015

Good news Bad news or 2 steps forward 3 steps back

Well well well. It’s been interesting. So, there’s good news and bad news. Bad news first: I lost another hive, presumably to drought I thought I lost the 3rd hive to drought I once again have just 1 hive going into winter The planet is going to heck in a hand basket on a slow […]

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Sep 01 2015

Yellow hive peek

So I had to put off inspecting the yellow hive for a couple of days because it’s been windy. And suddenly, the day time high’s are no longer in the high 80’s or 90’s but about 72 – Fall at last. Yellow Hive inspection This hive started with 6 boxes. I took out one of […]

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Sep 01 2015

Boo boo and weather

So just before I left town for work, I had moved an entire box of honey over to the top of the yellow hive from the absconded orange hive.  I had already put a piece of newspaper between the top box of the yellow hive and this new box of honey because I was thinking […]

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