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Jul 16 2016

Well. That was interesting

So I got home from work in CA on Friday about 6pm and decided to run out and do a quickie inspection of the two hives with the queens and quick release the queens into the hives. I was supposed to rain on Saturday and I didn’t want to delay. It was about 64, overcast, […]

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Jul 09 2016

The deed is done

So I talked to The Wiz at last nights bee meeting and he agreed it’s getting too late to let the girls make their own queen. He also said it’s no big deal to put the queen in her cage in the hive and leave her for a week. Because I’m not┬átotally sure that they […]

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Jul 07 2016

Full inspection, all 3 hives

So today I needed to find out if there was any kind of queen in any of the hives. I have to leave for a week on Monday, so my only chance to buy any queens is this Saturday. It’s getting late in the year so I can’t wait another week to do this. Besides, […]

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Jul 01 2016


So yesterday, Friday, I inspected the purple hive. At 7:45am it was 68 degrees. It was warm enough for the girls to be out, but since the hives are shaded from the very early morning sun, no sun was shining on the front doors and only a few girls were up and at ’em. I […]

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